Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Erti Kemerdekaan

Apakah erti kemerdekaan bagi saya?

Semasa kecil, Hari Merdeka bermaksud cuti dan perbarisan. Pada masa itu, saya masih lagi bersekolah, dan hari cuti adalah hari merdeka! Tidak perlu bangun awal, tidak perlu siapkan kerja rumah, tidak perlu gosok baju sekolah.

Tetapi, seingat saya, Pa-lah yang paling teruja bila tiba Hari Merdeka. Sebab dia tidak berkerja, dia memang suka untuk meraikannya bersama keluarganya. Pada malam sebelum Hari Merdeka, dia akan merancang untuk membawa saya, adik saya dan Ma ke Dataran Merdeka. Masa itu, saya kecil lagi, manalah tahu semua itu. Orang besar kata pergi, pergilah. Sampai dekat Dataran Merdeka, ramai orang. Semuanya tinggi tinggi. Tak ada 'countdown', tak ada konsert, tak ada VIP, tak ada Siti Norhaliza, yang ada cuma rakyat biasa.

Semuanya akan tertumpu pada Menara Jam. Tapi jam ini pelik sikit. Dia tak ada jari saat, yang ada jari jam dan jari minit. Jadi bila dah sampai jam dua belas tengah malam, semua orang tak tahu, sebab jari jam dan jari minit dekat sangat. Jadi, dia orang buat 'countdown' sendiri-lah. "Lima...Empat....Tiga....Dua....Satu!!! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!! Merdeka!!!!". Semua orang bersorak!! Yang mengelikan hati, selepas mereka bersorak, baru jam itu berbunyi loceng menandakan waktu tepat dua belas malam. Hahaha... semua orang akan ketawa. Rupa-rupanya kami telah terawal.

Keesokan paginya, Pa akan mengejutkan kami lebih awal. Ingatkan cuti tak perlu bangun awal, hmm..jangan harap. Pagi pagi lagi, kita perlu bersiap, hendak tengok perbarisan lah.
"Pa, kita tengok kat TV lah?", saya merungut.
"Setahun sekali, Pa bawa awak tengok kereta kebal, ya?"

Jadi, kena bangun awal awal, supaya dapat duduk dekat depan sekali. Tapi kami tak pergi ke Dataran Merdeka. Kami sekeluarga akan ke jalan yang akan dilalui oleh perbarisan. Yang paling saya suka adalah tarian naga, kereta askar, chingay. Yang paling tak suka, band band sekolah. Bising sangat. DUM! DUM! TUM!!!!

Bila dah besar, baru saya sedar, Kemerdekaan bukan hanya sekadar cuti dan perbarisan. Bukan hanya sekadar memasang bendera-bendera kecil diatas kereta dan motosikal. Bukan hanya sekadar menyanyi NegaraKu beramai-ramai di Tol gate. Dan semestinya, bukan hanya sekadar dapat membayar saman lalulintas pada diskaun 50 peratus. Tapi Kermerdekaan bermaksud kita dapat menjalani hidup sebagai seorang yang merdeka, di dalam negara kita yang aman dan damai, bersama sama di dalam masyarakat yang berbilang kaum. Saling faham memahami dan saling bertolak ansur. Tiada orang luar yang boleh mengongkong kehidupan kita, memberitahu kita apa yang boleh dibuat, apa yang patut dibuat dan apa yang hendak dibuat. Kita boleh buat keputusan itu sendiri.

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan ke 48, Malaysia.

Tanggal 31

Tomorrow is our negara is celebrating it's 48 years of Merdeka. A familiar song keeps playing on my head:
Tanggal 31
Bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Merdeka ! Merdeka !
Tetaplah merdeka
Ia pasti menjadi sejarah

Tanggal 31
Bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Hari yang mulia
Hari bahagia
Sambut dengan jiwa yang merdeka

Mari kita seluruh warga negara
Ramai-ramai menyambut hari merdeka
Merdeka !
Tiga satu bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Hari mulia negaraku merdeka

Merdeka! Merdeka! MERDEKA!!
Happy Merdeka, Malaysia!

I am sorry.

It's amazing how one's emotion can affect one's hearing, view and judgement.

Yesterday, we were having a hard time with Yiyi. She had not been feeling well, a bit of a fever, coughing and flu, but as active as ever. Did I mention she even talk back to us now? LOL!!

Anyway, she was running around while having her dinner. Mami and I were chasing her, asking her to stop. I asked her to sit down and have her meal. Mami was also having a hard time, being tired and all, said something to me. She asked me to get Yiyi to sit down.

As I was in a foul mood, stressed and tired, with Yiyi running and yelling, I snapped at Mami.

Mami was probably telling me in a soft, polite way. But being in a bad mood, I probably heard something else. I yelled at her, and she went quiet. Sitting there at the bottom of the staircase, I could see she's hurt.

I know Mami's reading this. And I just want to say I am really sorry for what I did. I am not a person who would lost his cool easily but I did, and I really regret for what I did. It was completely my fault , there is no reason for me to react that way and I would do anything to reverse that.
But I can't. The damage has been done.

To Mami, I am sorry.

Friday, August 26, 2005


Inspired by Wilwolf's post, my mom has a weird habit.

When going to pangsai, she needs to smoke.

No, she's not a smoker. But somehow, when nature calls, she'll look for a ciggie (my dad's), light it and head for the throne. "To get rid of the smell wor", she said.

You could imagine when there's an emergency.

Mom : Hey, where's your cigarette?

Dad : There. *point point*

Mom : Arrgghh.... *open box*

Dad : Why? What's wrong?

Mom : Errrgghhh.... Where's the lighter?!

Dad : Should be there also lar.

Mom : Where?! I can't find it. Arrrghhh....!!

Dad : Try looking in the drawer.

Mom : *open drawer* No lar! Where is it?

Dad : Try looking on the table.

Mom : Not there also...emmmm.....arrrggh....!

In the end, she had to use the stove to light the cigarette.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Special Wish

Phone : * vibrate vibrate * "Dad calling..."

Papi : Hello?

Yiyi : Papi!! ...........*silent*

Papi : Hello, Yiyi?

Yiyi : Papi !! ...Papi ........*silent silent*

Papi : Yiyi, are you playing with the phone again? Yiyi?

Yiyi : ......

Yeh Yeh (in the background) : Yiyi, sing lar, sing lar..

Yiyi : Api Berday Du Yu, Api Berday Du Yu, Api Berday! Api Berday! Api Beeerrrrrday Toooooo You!!!

Papi : *kam tong* Yiyi, pandai, so good. :)

Yalor, old already lor. :)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Stomach Ache

Mami is down with a severe gastric attack and diarrhea. Probably we ate something dirty. I also 'kena' a bit but still can tahan.

She woke up at night, wanted to 'lausai' but cannot come out wor. But this morning was worst, she couldn't even walk, not due to lausai, but her gastric. I accompanied her to our GP and got her an M.C.

Normally, it's the other way round. She's normally the one with the strong stomach. And I am the weaker one with the 'slower processing time'. It would normally take her about a few hours to feel the 'effect' if we ate something dirty, while at least a day for me. Maybe tomorrow it's my turn.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Random Conversations in the Office

Visitor : Hello? Can I see Alien?

Mami : Huh? mean Alan?

Visitor : Yes, Alien.

Mami : *suppressing laugh* Alan ah?

Visitor : Alien. Yes.


Colleague 1 : This place is really a maze, you can get lost in here.

Colleague 2 : Not only get lost, you'll get totally lost!

Papi : *scratch head - isn't it the same?*


Colleague 1 : The tunnel is too small ler. The car will get stuck!

Colleague 2 : Got stuck never mind, worst is got stuck at the tunnel.

Papi : *scratch head again*

(Yup, they're the same guys.)


Papi : arrr...still very the full lar, how to eat dinner?

Mami : Of course lar, you 'hantam' 4 pieces of fried boxing chicken just now!!

Papi : LOL!

Mami : I 'hantam' 2 only, you 'hantam' 4!

Papi : Yalar, I asked you, you don't want.

Mami : You like mah, so I leave it for you lor. Sayang you mah..

Papi : hehehe....

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Leaving Early

Pop quiz:

What would you do when the director of your company come to you and ask "Hey, what time do you normally leave the office?" ?

A) You bluff and say "9 -10 pm".
B) You talk cock and say "I can stay overnight in the office, no problem. I even have my pillows and bolster in my car, just in case, sir!."
C) You tell the truth "5.30pm sharp", and hope he doesn't say "Walao! So early ah?!"

I was actually surfing and amending my blog template, when out-of-nowhere, the director stood in front of my cubicle and asked me that. My mind quickly went into HyperThreading, Dual Core processing mode. What should I say? Too late, and it's obvious I'm lying. Too early, then it doesn't look good to me, especially when I always went for extra lunch hour. (Today, Mami and I had lunch from 1pm till 3.30pm hehehe....)

But anyway, I told him the truth, I told him I normally leave around 5 - 6pm. It turned out, he actually wanted me to help him drop off some documents in a place that is completely the opposite of where my house is. He thought I was staying near that place. LOL!

And before u guys say "Wah, so good wan ah?! Come office late, go 2 hours lunch, go back on time!! Fuiyo!!", actually I have a flexible working hours. If need to, I've to work 24 hours a day. And I always give 100% to my work.

So, why do you need to stay back, if there's nothing to do. Might as well go home early and see Yiyi, right?


Last weekend, in order to experience the real Genting (and also to escape the haze lar), we went up to Genting Highlands. :)

Actually we have been planning to go up with my parents. Since my dad wasn't working last weekend, and my brother just bought Yiyi a jacket, so we decided to drive up. The weather was cool and most importantly, no haze.

Image hosted by
Indoor Theme Park

As usual, my parents went to 'lose' at the casino. LOL!! So, we went to the indoor theme park, located at the First World Hotel.

Image hosted by
Yiyi on the Carousel! Her favourite. Mami shy shy.

We purchased a few tickets for the ride, the Carousel (RM4) and the Rio Float (RM4). But then, we met a lovely family, who offered us their one-day unlimited ticket.

"We are leaving. So, have fun with the ticket." they say before leaving.

I was stunned for a while, but thanked them. Apparently they didn't get their wrist band, so that they could passed the ticket to other people. Clever. Well, not right lar, but I'm not complaining. :)

So we went to one ride after another, then my parents joined us, and they too, went for the rides. Yiyi must have ridden on the Carousel at least 5 times. Of course we didn't exchange it for the wrist band as well, but we were reminded to change the ticket by the staff manning the rides all the time. But have to make 'blur' face lar. Until at one point, the staff got pretty irritated LOL!! But we were already planning to leave. hehehe...

Image hosted by
View from the Rio Float ride.

Of course when we were leaving, we passed the ticket to other people. I spotted a guy with his son, and his son was looking at the carousel. So I approached him, gave him the ticket, and asked him to bring his son for a ride or two. But he looked blur, like I want to cheat him like that. Anyway, I passed the ticket to him, and walked away. When I turned back, the guy and his son were heading to the Carousel. :)

Image hosted by
The Carousel.

We had a great time, especially Yiyi. And that night, she was talking in her sleep "Yiyi want to play, Yiyi want to play!".

Friday, August 12, 2005


Although the API for Petaling Jaya is still above the 300 mark (as of 11am this morning), I actually feel the haze situation has improved! I can now see the factories and the roads from my office building, the odour is still there but less choking.

Since the situation has improved, we decided to drive down to Damansara for lunch. On the way, we were chatting about the haze.

Mami : Hey, looks clearer now.

Papi : Yeah, got a bit of sun also.

Mami : Yeah.

Papi : Your boss asked me whether we are going anywhere this weekend. I said no, staying indoor lar. Your boss is going to Penang this weekend, to escape the haze wor.

Mami : Is it?

Papi : Yeah, I think there'll be a lot of people going up north, like Penang. But you know what'll be really funny?

Mami : What?

Papi : If the smoke train suddenly changes course and head to Penang. HAHAHA! Then all KL people who wanted to escape the haze by going up north will be cursing man!! LOL!!!

I really have no idea.... The haze has really gone to Penang!! Read it here, here, here and here.

For Penang folks, it's your turn. Quick, quick, get your mask ready!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

A State of Emergency

An Emergency has been declared for Port Klang and Kuala Selangor.

Bernama and The Star has the news flash.

The two areas have been recording a hazardous API reading, 531 for Kuala Selangor and 529 Port Klang, as of 11am today.

So, what does it mean for us, the rakyat??


The key word is Don't Panic. It is also not a curfew. And it's only for the entire area of Port Klang and Kuala Selangor. The Selangor State Government is still calling the shots and administer the two places, while the police and army will continue to ensure peace and security.

The PM has also released a guideline:
The guideline reads:

When the Haze Emergency has been declared, the State Management and Disaster Committee must take the following actions:
a) Issue an order for the closure of all government and private offices and other work places including factories, plantations, construction and quarries.
The closure order does not apply to:
i) shops that sell food stuff, drinks, markets and supermarkets;
ii) clinics, pharmacies and medicine shops; and
iii) essential services
b) Ensure that earthwork and earth movement are stopped
c) Advise the reduction of the use of private vehicles
d) Ensure the closure of all schools
e) Ensure the frequent dissemination of information of the pollution index to print and electronic media
f) Get the media to advise the public to remain at home and steps that needed to be taken by the people
g) Information Ministry must ensure that information are disseminate directly
h) Ensure strict enforcement against open burning
i) Ensure that this emergency declaration does not include declaration of curfew (except for certain situations as provided for under the appropriate laws.

API passed 500!

The API has passed the 500 mark, as of 11am today.

Pelabuhan Klang 529
Kuala Selangor 531
Petaling Jaya 349
Shah Alarm 371
Kuala Lumpur 321

We went out during lunch time to get some baby stuff from a hypermarket in Subang. The traffic was a bit chaotic, with visibility down to around 150m.

At the hypermarket, we felt the situation was a bit chaotic as well. Food stuff like Maggi Mee, Eggs, Biscuits were hot items. The hypermarket even put a limit of 2 for each customer. I went to get my favourite luncheon meat and found all 'sapu bersih'.

Driving back to the office, again the traffic is real bad. Cars were slowing down because visibility was really poor.

Can you see the Motorola Bridge?
Image hosted by
Nope, not there.

Image hosted by


Case 1...

LCLY Indon Office Cleaner : Hey, itu siapa bakar ah? Banyak asap lar!
(Hey! Who's burning (stuff). Lots of smoke!)

Mami : Indonesia lar!!

Cleaner : ...... *walk away*

Case 2...

Indon Maid : Mem, apasal banyak asap? Busuk! Siapa bakar?
(Ma'am, why is there so much smoke? It stinks. Who's burning (stuff)?)

Mem : Indonesia lar, siapa lagi!
(Indonesia lar, who else?)

Indon Maid : .......

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Charlie's back!

Charlie who?

Charlie Chickadees!! LOL!!

I completely forgotten about this. I saw the ads on TV a couple of days back. Charlie was singing .. "Saya Charlie Chickadee,..."

"Hey, Chickadee!!", I shouted like a 10-year old boy.
"Yalar, I saw already", Mami trying to sound as excited as I am.
"Look! Look!! It's Chickadee lar! HAHAHA!"
"OK. Err...Can you help me with the laundry?"

I think maybe Mami's into DingDang.

Then today I read this. Wah, now RM1.70! Last time only 10 cent.


The worst is in Port Klang. 410!!

Via The Star:
API levels in several areas in Selangor and the Federal Territory at noon are as follows:
Kuala Lumpur - 181
Petaling Jaya - 204
Kuala Selangor - 327
Shah Alam - 316
Putrajaya - 224

PJ 204?? sure or not?

According to the DOE, ff the API is over 300, then it is categorised as hazardous.

But I don't need the API to tell me whether it's ok or not. I am coughing, almost choking, my eyes watery, having a sore throat, feeling dizzy, and if this is not hazardous, I don't know what is.

And they say there's no end till October. *shake head*

Update (Thursday 11 Aug 2005):

Wah!! The index went passed 300 mark in PJ in the evening. But today, it's slightly better.

The government finally released the API index, lifting the ban of 8 years with immediate effect.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


It's worse today!!

The haze is worse today, and it's really terrible in the office, in Kelana Jaya.

It's like someone's burning something in the office.

It's like someone's blowing cigarette smoke right in your face.

Mami is having breathing difficulty and I think we have to wear mask in the office.

My estimate, visibility is around 500 metres.

Tips from The Star:

Image hosted by

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Haze


Papi : Mami, I can't find my underwear.

Mami : Here you go. Just got it from outside. Smell it and see whether got smoky smell or not? My t-shirts all got smoky smell.

Papi : OK.

Later ...

Mami : So how? Got smoky smell or not?

Papi : LOL!! I am not going to smell my underwear! HAHAHA!!

The haze was real bad last weekend. Yiyi had wanted to go out and play, but we didn't allowed her to go out. At night, visibility was real bad, only about 100 metres. And the heavy rain on Saturday didn't help a bit. *sigh*

Update - 8 Aug 2005 12.30pm:
Wah!! Real bad lar, I can smell it in our air-conditioned office! Real teruk lar.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Spooky Game

Nothing to do?

Check out Darkness Episode 1 and Episide 2, a really spooky game.

And yeah, must play in the dark, baru best! Switch on your speaker. :)

Chu Tou

This was supposedly reported in South China Morning Post. I can't confirmed it coz it requires a subscription to access its archive. But check this out...
Anita Lam (SCMP): "A pig's head drawn on the breakfast vouchers of 344 mainland tourists in Malaysia may have been to distinguish them from non-pork-eating Muslims and was not meant to cause offence, the Malaysian consul-general said yesterday. The tourists staged a protest on Tuesday at the First World hotel in the Genting Highlands resort. They wanted to express their anger about the 'demeaning' pig heads drawn on their meal vouchers. ... The protest escalated into a scuffle when police and security guards arrived with guns and dogs."
Check out this link.

If you look at the 'drawing' on the meal voucher, you wil noticed that it's not a stamp or a sticker, but it's hand drawn. And with 344 Chinese tourist, that means the worker(s) has to draw 344 'chu tou'.

Whatever the reason for the drawings, it's real stupid. And unprofessional. Why can't they simply use a code, like NH for non-halal.

But this writer has a different view. Check it out.
Call it chutzpah or boorish behaviour, but China tourists are gaining a reputation for being loud, pushy and downright aggressive when they are aggrieved.
'They like to show who's boss. Good luck if you get some village chief from Guangdong, because he'd expect you to kowtow to him like he was back home.'

Whadaya think?

Chu Tou: Mandarin meaning pig's head.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Another weird caller


Mobile Phone : *ring ring*

Papi : Hello?

Caller : .....

Papi : Hello? Yes?

Caller (with a very hamsap male voice): ..errr.....ini nombor massage ah?

Papi : HUH??!

Hamsap Caller : Ini nombor massage ah?

Papi : No! No! Wrong number!

My ear felt 'geli' after that. eeee.....

hamsap : Cantonese meaning horny?
Ini nombor massage : Malay meaning "Is this the number to the massage parlour" or something to that effect.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Panic on the Air

You must have read about the MH124 KL-bound flight from Perth that plunged 200 meters from air, just 40 minutes after take-off from Perth airport.

Via The Star:
The Kuala Lumpur bound MH124 on Monday, with 177 passengers on board, was said to have experienced engine problems.

According to the passengers on board the Boeing 777-200, most of them panicked and a flight attendant prayed.

One of the passengers who called The Star from Perth yesterday said many of them were crying and praying aloud while others held on tight to their seats when the plane started going down.
I also read about the story where a flight attendant dropped an entire tray of drinks and was crawling on his hands and knees back to his seat. Well, some people commented that instead of scrambling back to their (the crew) seats and prayed, they should have remained calm and tried to calm the passengers. They said the crew should have reacted professionally.

But I think it was a life and death emergency situation. It could have been their last flight. In that situation, no one can predict what will happened, and it is only normal for them to feel scared. They have every right to pray.

Time must have slowed down for the passengers when the plane turned back to Perth. Thank God the plane landed safely, everyone's ok. I think the pilots did a good job. It could have been much worst.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

10 years ago today, we started 'pak-toh'.

3 years ago today, we pledged to love and to cherish each other forever.

I can still remember the first day of our 'pak-toh'. We spoke probably hours on the phone the night before. Then the next day I drove to her rented room some where in PJ. We just sat there in her room, chatting, joking, giggling. And I was smiling all the time.

"Why do you always smile?", she asked me one day.

"That's because I found you." :)

Well, what should I get Mami? Hmmm....let see....

For the 3rd anniversary, the list says .... Leather! oooo....kinky! *wink wink*

Happy Anniversary, Mami. :)