Friday, November 17, 2006


"Eh? Why the two of you speaking in Mandarin ah?", Mami asked me earlier.
"Yahor, why ah?"

He is a good friend of ours, our classmate back in college days. I am a 'banana', I don't read or write Chinese, and I only started speaking Mandarin seriously when I got to know Mami. While he went to a Chinese school up to Standard 6, I think he gave it all back to his teachers when he left. So he speaks very very little Mandarin. He speaks English (really good English) almost all the time, and Hokkien or FooZhou with family, relatives and close friends. But somehow, when we first met, we started conversing in Mandarin. And it stuck till today.

I got a call from him today. He came back recently from abroad, after accepting an oversea job offer almost 3 years ago. On the phone, it was obvious he was struggling with his Mandarin. Haha... 3 years never speaks Mandarin wor. Sure struggle wan.

So we meeting up tomorrow, with a bunch of friends from college. To catch up on the latest gossips and news. Like who's getting married next year, who's having kid, who's tummy is bigger. You know, the pak-kua normal stuff. :)