Friday, September 22, 2006

50 Movies Hidden in a Painting

It's a flash puzzle game where you have to guess the 50 movie titles (Dark movies aka horror movies) hidden as visual clues in the painting. It's a promo for M&M's Dark Chocolate. Can you find all 50 titles?

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Some are pretty obvious, while some take a while to guess, and some don't really make sense.

I managed to get all 50, thanks to Google and years of movie-watching. If you need help, simply highlight the area between the brackets [ ] below.

1) Twin Peak, 2) War of the Worlds, 3) Clockwork Orange
4) Invisible Man, 5) Candyman, 6) Eraserhead
7) Twelve monkeys, 8) Jaws, 9) Howling
10) House of Wax, 11) Child's Play, 12) Rosemary's Baby
13) Dark Water, 14) The Ring, 15) Birds
16) Butterfly Effect, 17) Alien, 18) Saw
19) Leprechaun, 20) Blade, 21) Silence of the Lambs
22) Nightmare on Elm Street, 23) The Fly, 24) Friday the 13th
25) The Crow, 26) The Hill have Eyes, 27) The Omen
28) Piranha, 29) Halloween, 30) Scream
31) Seven, 32) Children of the Corns, 33) The Village
34) Pumpkin Head, 35) Sixth Sense, 36) The Shining
37) 39 Steps, 38) Psycho, 39) Wickerman
40) The Grudge, 41) Texas Chainsaw Masacre, 42) Dead Zone
43) Creature from the Black Lagoon, 44) Lost Boys
45) The mummy, 46) Beetle Juice, 47) The Signs
48) Blue Velvet, 49) Pitch Black, 50) Rear Window

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Papi : Yiyi! Come and take your bath!

Yiyi : I don't want!

Papi : It's late already, quick, go take your bath. Mami waiting for you in the bathroom.

Yiyi : I don't want. I want to play.

Papi : If you don't take bath, hair will grow on your body.

Yiyi : ......

Papi : You see this *grab Three Little Pigs book*. Hair will grow on your body and you'll become a wolf. Then you have to live alone in the jungle.

Yiyi : Big Bad Wolf ah?

Papi : Ya, come, let Papi see your back.

Yiyi : *walk over, show back*

Papi : Hah! Hair is beginning to grow at your back.

Yiyi : Change to Big Bad Wolf ah?

Papi : Yeah. Quick, go take your bath.

Yiyi : See, see. *point to Papi's hand* Just like your hand!! Hairy!

Papi : :P


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Monday, September 18, 2006


Last month....

Doctor : *pump pump pump*

Papi : *steady steady*

Doctor : WAH!!

Papi : What?!

Doctor : Wait...wait... *pump pump pump*

Papi : hmmm....

Doctor : Fuiyo!!!

Papi : What??!!! What's wrong?

Doctor : Your blood pressure is very very high! You could pop anytime!

Papi : Huh?! But I don't feel anything.

Doctor : You better take care blah blah blah.... You know that Malay artist just collapsed...yada yada yada...You take this pill, 1 in the morning after meal.

Papi : OK, OK...

Mami : You see, I told you already to take care ....blah blah blah...never listen wan..yada yada....

Papi : OK, OK....... Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

2 weeks later.....

*pump pump pump...*

Doctor : It's still high la.

Papi : But I just measured from home, it was in the normal range leh?

Doctor : You sure ah? Next time bring your machine here, we'll do a cross check.

Papi : OK, OK :)


Papi : Doc, I brought my machine. let's do it together! hehehehe....

Doctor : *pump pump pump left hand*

Machine : *pump pump pump right hand*

Doctor : OK, don't tell me the reading yet, let's do it again.

*pump pump pump*

Papi : Hey, they matched. So my machine is accurate.

Doctor : So, that means you are having white-coat hypertension. Hypertension caused by anxiety when seeing the doctor.

Papi : phew... I took readings at home and it was normal, everytime.

Doctor : Yeah, but still you have to monitor it for me at home. Take readings at different time and record it down. Come back to see me in 2 weeks. I want to see the report.

Papi : ok, ok....

On the way back.....

Mami : Why when you go see doctor, your blood pressure went up ah?

Papi : Don't know. White coat hypertension wor.

Mami : You like the doctor, is it? Excited, is it?

Papi : Nonsense lar...

Mami : kih kih kih...just kidding only.