Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ham Tai

Vincent has a funny entry about the first time he bought Ham Tai, when he was in Form 3. They do start early, don't they?
Read it here.

Have you ever walk to a VCD stall or shop, and the Ah-Beng asked you straight-away whether you want hamtai or not? I did, a few times sumore. I wasn't the only one there, there were some other people browsing the VCDs too. But somehow, the Ah-Beng was only interested in doing business with me.

Papi : *flip flip thru VCDs*

Ah-Beng : Boss, you want 3-kap?

Papi : No, No... *shake head*

Ah-Beng : We also got 5-kap..very nice.

Papi :*flip flip VCDs*

Ah-Beng : Very nice one, boss, got Japanese one, got Korean also...blah blah blah..

Papi : ...

WTF?? I wanted to buy normal movies lar, and this guy kept pestering me to buy ham tai! As if I got "HAM TAI" written across my forehead. And I experienced this a few times! When I told Mami about this, she was laughing so hard, I thought she was about to go crazy!

"Ha ha ha! I think maybe you look like a ter-kor-pek lar...a sex maniac like that..hehehe..That's why he thought you are looking for ham-tai lar."

Huh?! WT..?

I think next time I will not wear my worn-out Tees and Bermuda shorts to buy VCDs lar, I better dressed up a bit.

Ham Tai : Cantonese for P0rn0 movies
3-Kap : A sort of rating in HongKong for soft p0rn.
5-Kap: A sort of rating in HongKong for hardcore p0rn.
ter-kor-pek : Hokkien for 'dirty old man'.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My Company

It has a very slow month for my company. No... let me re-phrased that.
It has been a very slow year for my company.

This company is also the first company I joined when I came back from my study. It was back in 1998, the year when the country was hit by economic problems real bad. I still remember Mami and I sent out numerous job applications to countless companies, with no reply. Then one day, Mami got a call for an interview.

Both of us actually applied to the same company, but different positions. So she went for the interview, and found out that it was actually for another post (the one I applied for), that she wasn't really interested. So at the end of the interview, she told the interview to give me a call instead.

And yes, they eventually called me, and arranged for an interview. The interview went well (being my first interview as well), and a few days later, I was offered the job!

So that's howI got into this company, a small company.

For the first couple of years, things were looking great. We had projects coming in. The existing projects were doing fine. But the economic crisis really hit us hard after that. Pays and salaries were slacking. Debts were building up. Projects were delayed.

But still, I held on. Until year 2002.

Due to financial pressure and stability, I resigned from this company and joined another company, which later I found out, completely wasted my time and effort. Because a year later, the new company closed down for business, citing infamiliarity of the business area as reason for closing down. *sigh*

But then I got a call again from the previous company. After knowing I was retrenched, the company offered me a contract job to help them with a current project (the same project I handled before I left). Since I wasn't doing anything, I took up the offer.

And a few months down the road, I was offered a permanent position. Initially I was still skeptical and doubtful about the performance of the company. I had a discussion with my superior and he assured me that the company has a new management and a new strategy. And that making sure the staffs got paid is their first priority. And that new investors are pumping money in. And lots more...promises. I decided to give them a chance.

After more than a year, I am still waiting for those to happen.

I can see the company has lost it's direction. It is no longer in focus. The company is now doing what it is not suppose to do, and it is doing something beyond the scope of it's core business. It is trying to grab as much as possible, but in the process, let go what's already in hand. And because of that, the company is losing a lot of existing customers.

Looks like it's time again to update my resume....

hmmm...I heard my pay is gonna be late again. *sigh*

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Holiday Up North - Part 2

We didn't get a suitable hotel in Ipoh. One that is cheap, comfortable, and no extra sound effect at night (if u know what I mean *wink wink*) . So we decided to travel up north a little bit, to Taiping. :)

Once we reached Taiping, we went searching for a hotel. To our surprise, most of the hotels were fully-booked! We went straight to Legend Inn, a hotel located in the city centre, only to be told it was fully booked. We were about to leave, when I decided to get back to the counter for some directions to another hotel. It was then, someone cancelled their bookings, and we were able to get a very big room! With Astro sumore!

So what did we do in Taiping? Eat, of course! LOL!!

Image hosted by

Thanks to James, we were able to find some good place to eat from his blog. We tried the popiah, fried koay teow, satay, chee-cheung-fun, nasi lemak.... Two words to describe it: cheap and delicious! And yup! we tried the Heh-chien as well!!

Image hosted by

The next day, we decided to check out Taiping Zoo and the beautiful Taiping Lake Garden.

Image hosted by

We were really surprised and impressed by the train ride in the zoo. IMHO, the ride is better than the one in Singapore. The driver provides the naration for the entire duration of the ride (not a recording like in Singapore Zoo). He even took some time to explain the exhibit, cracked some jokes and told us where to look for the animals.

While on the train, passing through the chimpanzee area, I was admiring the fauna and flora of the zoo when I was interupted by Mami.

"Papi!! Quick!! Look!!! LOOK!!!", she yelled.
"There...Look!! There!", she pointed at the chimpanzee enclosure.
"Where? What?"
"Look at the chimpanzees.", she said, giggling. "They are doing know.."

All I saw was a rolled up ball of black fur. But the Malay family behind us saw it too. They were all giggling at the 'action'. The chimps realised the best time to make a 'p0rn0 movie' is when the train passes by. But Mami was more excited than the Alpha male. hehehe...

We finished the tour around the zoo, and headed back around 3pm. Yiyi went to sleep moments after we entered the highway. We made a stop at Tapah Rest Area, to get some juicy sweet Water Apple from Taiwan (Jambu Air).

At home, Mami and I was just chatting about the trip. I remarked to Mami that Taiping is a good place to retire. Cheap stuffs, friendly and polite people, slow life; Mami seems to agree too.

Image hosted by

Well...maybe...just maybe. :)

Holiday Up North - Part 1

Last week, we went for a holiday up north. In Ipoh and Taiping to be precised.

We started early on Saturday morning, driving towards Ipoh. We made a quick stop at Tapah R&R for breakfast before continuing our journey towards Ipoh. Our first stop: The Taj-Mahal of Ipoh, the Ipoh Railway station. This station also housed a budget hotel and a massage parlour.

Image hosted by

It's beautiful Moorish-architecture reminds us of the KL Railway station. In fact, both were designed by the same person, AB Hubback.

Next, we went looking for Sam Poh Tong. We didn't know there were two other temples near Sam Poh Tong. Thinking that we were lost, we checked out the other temples as well.

Image hosted by

Luckily, a gentleman showed us the way to Sam Poh Tong. " door", he said, pointing to a row of brick wall, surrounding the temple. As soon as we drove next door and parked our car, 3 warga-tua approached us. Two of them were waving a sort of vegetable in front of us, while the other just stood next to my car door. We signaled back to the two in front of us that we were not interested, while the other one was still standing there smiling.

When I opened the door, he said "Parking ah..". "How much?", I asked. "1 ringgit."

Actually we were puzzled by the two who were trying to sell us some withered vege. But soon we realised it was not for us. The water spinach was for the turles.

Image hosted by

A visit to Ipoh will not be complete without a pomelo or two. We got ourselves a couple of the fruit. It was an eye opener for Mami as well, as the pomelo girls rushed out to greet us when we stopped our car. "Let's go for that girl over there, she looks honest.", she said.

Next stop, Taiping!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 2nd Anniversary, PPS!

Image hosted by

Special thanks to Aizuddin for maintaining the PPS and keeping it up and running. We really appreciate it.

For those going to the PPS 2nd Anniversary Bash, have fun. Our best regards to all. :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

PapiMami Blog is 1

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday PapiMami...
Happy Birthday to You......

Hey, we are 1 year old today! Wohoo!!

Wow! How time went by! I started this blog a year ago just for fun and mainly to chronicle our lives, especially with the new addition in our lives: Yiyi. Inspired by Dr. Liew, and Mike, I registered for an account with Blogger and jumped into the weblog bandwagon.

And I couldn't stop ever since. :)

The one reason I enjoy blogging so much, is the reader. Yes, all you out there. Knowing that there are people out there reading my blog and enjoying it, coming back every now and then to check out the updates, leaving a comment or two, is the greatest feeling and the greatest motivation. We are taking this opportunity to say a big thank you to all, for your support, ideas, suggestions, criticism, comments, ... thanks for everything.


Monday, June 20, 2005


Last week, I was sent to Ipoh for some integration testing with our customer. Three of us went, and I shared a room with another colleague of mine.

We went to sleep around midnight, when...

Colleague : Hey Papi. Do you snorkeling?

Papi : Hah? Err...No. How 'bout you?

Colleague : No.

Papi : OK....

Colleague : But Ahmad snorkelling. He was so loud, I can't even sleep. Tak leh tahan!

Ahmad is another colleague of ours. At this point, I realised he wasn't talking about having a swim.

Papi : You meant snoring?

Colleague : Yeah, snoring.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Online Censorship

I am pretty sure this has something to do with SPG hoohah.

Despite the MSC's Bill of Guarantees (pic below) and the promise by the ex-PM that there'll be no censorship on Internet, the Cabinet has endorsed measures against obscene and indecent content online, which include installing filters to block pornographic sites.

Image hosted by

Although I don't support access of pornographic materials by the underaged thru the Internet (or any other medias), but I don't support any form of censorships on Internet either. Who knows, what will they ban next? Information that they deemed 'offensive' to certain people? Criticisms that are 'harmful' to the country? Comments that could 'threatened' national security? Blogs?

I think filtering pornography from the net is not going to solve the problem. People will be more eager to find out. And they will find ways to go around the filters. And I agree with Ash.ox, the adults should be responsible for their kids in terms of Internet access. If you think installing filters on your home computer will prevent your kids from accessing porn sites, please do.

We don't need the government to tell us what's right, what's wrong and what's good for us, what's not. We can make that decision ourselves.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Have a Break

I think every married couples should do this once in a while. Go 'Pak Toh', just two of you, having fun.

We did that yesterday. :)

The key is not to have to worry about anything. Children, work, bills, housework, all put it aside. Leave your kids to your parents or babysitter. Just go and have fun, just like when you were 'pak toh-ing'. But you have to plan your day, a simple planning will do. You can even plan to do some serious stuff, like what we did.

We took a day off yesterday to get our existing identification card (IC) changed to MyKad. We started our day early so we could get it done in the morning and have some free time in the afternoon. We reached JPA office in Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam around 8.15am. There were already 90 numbers/people ahead of us.

We went out for breakfast, and went back to the JPA around the estimated time that our number will be served. And before noon, we were done!

Next we went for a nice lunch at Chili's 1Utama and catched Mr. And Mrs Smith at TGV. We used to hangout alot in 1Utama and TGV. Back then, TGV was the only multi-cineplex in Malaysia.

After the show, we went shopping for some stuff, and headed back home just before the rush hour. Back home, Mami had a quick nap, while I helped out with the cleaning of the house. Have to give Mami a break lar. Trust me, the ladies will appreciate this. ;)

So all in all, it was a satisfying and fulfilling day. We managed to apply for MyKad, and had great fun in the afternoon. We enjoyed each other's company, and spent some quality time together. It doesn't need to be expensive or grand. The most important thing is both of you have fun. :)

Pak Toh : Cantonese meaning dating, or, to go on a date.

Friday, June 10, 2005


The PM and the Education Minister have promised to look into the matter concerning the rejection of the PSD scholarships by the top scorers.

As reported in The Star today, the PM said he will work hard to get scholarships for these students, while the Education Minister was reported to say he'll fight for them and their names are "embedded in his mind".

This is definitely good news for the top scorers, as well as other students planning to apply for a PSD scholarships. However, I hope the PM and the Education Minister will also remember this kid:

Via The NST today:
Two months ago, Amanjeet Singh Toor was on cloud nine when he scored 12 A1s in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination.

But the jovial and outgoing former Penang Free School student has become quiet and withdrawn since last Monday, when he learned that his Public Service Department scholarship application had been rejected.

"I really thought I could get the scholarship," he said. "I wonder what went wrong."


His father, Amar Singh, 53, said his son had changed since the rejection. "From a sociable and friendly person, he has become withdrawn and passive," he said.

According to his mom, he now spend most of his time in his room. Poor kid.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

New Car

Yesterday I witnessed a Malaysia Record being made. I watched the longest advertisement on TV (more than an hour long). I was watching the My News Network (the news) on NTV7. Heck! It could even be a World record! I was waiting for the news, but all I get was Proton Savvy promo (pronounced as sa-vee, not Sawi, OK?). Even the newscasters wore Proton uniform. *shake head*

While everyone were all excited with Proton Savvy and Perodua MyVi, we got our new car last week!! Well, actually not OUR car, but my dad's, but still, we are excited about the Naza Citra! :)

Image hosted by

This '7 seaters' actually sits 5 comfortably. 2 in front, 2 in the middle, and 1 at the back. And the one at the back have to sit 'bersila' (crossed legs on the floor).

Image hosted by

The interior is quite nice. The front panel are nicely designed. Except that I feel that certain things are a bit out of my reach. The gear stick for example. And the compartment, underneath the radio panel. And why do they have a heater in a Malaysian car?

Image hosted by

The back seats can be folded for more luggage space.

Image hosted by
Back view.

One thing I don't recommend is the DVD player and the LCD. It was installed in a position that literally, in front of your face (if you are sitting in the middle row). Imagine watching movie in the cinema and you're sitting in the first row. But then, there's no more space available, due to the sun-roof. I would prefer it on the back of the head rest.

Yiyi loves the car! When asked whether she likes the new car or the Waja, she shouted "New Car!". We are planning to visit her grandmother (Mami's mom) this weekend. Then she can enjoy the car. hehehe...

When being top scorer don't get you anywhere.. Malaysia, that is.

Ng Ee Liang (13A1), Chung Ling High School
Desmond Chee (13A1), Penang Free School
Teoh Wan Ying (13A1), Penang Chinese Girls High School
Khaw Chok Tong, (12 1As), Pahang
Chew Ying Dee, (13 1As), Perlis
Ang Nee Hui (12 1As), SMK Keat Hwa, Kedah
Another 4 top students from SMK Sin Min, Kedah

These are the top scorers whose application for a scholarship were rejected. Reading the news yesterday, and looking at this list, one cannot help but feels that there's some other factors deciding who's in and who's out.

So what selection criteria does PSD use??

Based on the report today in the Star, the selection is based on points. Points are allocated to applicants according to their academic achievement in the SPM as well as their extra-curricular activities, family background and performance during interviews with the department.

The Star published the PSD's selection criteria as follows:
1. Excellent SPM results
2. Subjects that match course requirement
3. Grades for the subjects
4. National requirement for the course.

Other criteria include:
- Personality
- Self Image
- English Profiency
- Extra-curricular activities

While others selection criteria are pretty mush standard, but criteria such as "Personality" and "Self Image" are very subjective. Is there a proper guideline on how points should be given?

"Half-a-point can make or break", according to PSD. My question to PSD, what selection criteria do you use, when there's more than one applicants with the same points?

There are only 25 top scorers nationwide. Not 2500, not 250. Only 25. How difficult can that be?

I think the PSD has to be more transparent on awarding scholarships. Don't just say "Permohonan Ditolak". Provide a reason on why it is rejected. Publish the list of successful applicants, together with selection criteria and total points. Make it known to the public. If you have nothing to hide, why not?

Malaysia, if you don't appreciate your own people, someone else will.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Top Scorer? What for?

Every year, we read about the same thing, again and again.

Top scorers not getting a place in local universities. Top scorers not getting scholarships.

Via The Star today:
Two months ago, Ng Ee Liang, Desmond Chee and Teoh Wan Ying were feeling on top of the world when they each scored 13 1As and were named Penang’s top SPM scorers.

But all their dreams and hopes came crashing down on Monday after finding out that their applications for Public Services Department (PSD) scholarships had been rejected.

“There are 25 top scorers nationwide and I am in 14th position. All of us had lunch with Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and received certificates from both the Prime Minister and Education Minister for our achievements.

“Yet, the certificates do not seem to be able to support my scholarship application,” said the former student of Chung Ling High School, Butterworth.

Most students study hard simply because they are hoping for a good place in the university to study their prefered field or to get scholarship. And if being a top scorer can't get you that, I really don't know what will. What's the point of being in the top 20 scorer nationwide, if you can't even get a scholarship? Just for a luncheon photo opportunity with the PM (and a certificate)??! What message is PSD trying to send to the public?

I am wondering what are the criterias PSD employs to decide who gets the scholarships and who don't. Academic excellence? Active in Extracurricular? The boy seems to have both. Probably, what he doesn't have is a VIP dad.

"I do not know what went wrong.", the boy was quoted.

Welcome to the real world, kid! Malaysia Boleh!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tuan Wu Festival

Tuan Wu Festival is just around the corner. Tuan Wu, or more popularly known as the Dragon Boat Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. That's June 11th, this coming Saturday.

And what's chinese festival without food!! Zong Zi, or Cang (Bak Cang in Hokkien, Cong in Cantonese) as it is called in Malaysia, are eaten on this day (as well as a few days before and after).It's actually glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves, with a combination of eggs, beans, dates, fruits, sweet potato, walnuts, mushrooms, meat as fillings. However, certain shops or stalls (pasar malam) do sell this delicacy all year round.

Image hosted by

There's a lot of version of the legend behind Tuan Wu festival. One says that during the Zhou Dynasty, Qu Yuan, the poet, was actually murdered by government officials, by pushing him down a river. Another tells the story of how Qu Yuan was drowned in Milo (Milo River lar..hehehe). But what I do know is Qu Yuan was sad when his state (Zhou Kingdom) was captured by the enemies, and decided to 'jump river'. Commit suicide lar.

As he was a famous poet, loved by common people, the fishermen rushed out to the river, in their long boats, tried to rescue him. The villagers made rice dumplings and throwed it to the river, hoping that the fishes will eat the rice dumplings instead of Qu Yuan's body.

As time went by, people started to celebrate Tuan Wu festival to commemorate Qu Yuan. Now, we have dragon boat races, mimicking the long boats rushing out to save Qu Yuan. And Zong-zi, instead of ending up at the bottom of the river, ends up at the bottom of our stomach.

Image hosted by

Mami loves Zong-zi, especially the nyonya version (pic above). So last week, I ordered a few from a nyonya specialist around my neighbourhood. Nyonya Chang has a salty glutinous rice layer, but a slightly sweet fillings of meat, beans and herbs. And it's delicious! I like it too, but it makes my stomach bloated.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Freddy vs Jason

Mami : Hey, where's the Jason movie ah?? I haven't finish watching lar...

Papi : What movie? Porno ah?

Mami : No lar, that movie we watch before Yiyi was born. Jason something...

Papi : Oh!! Freddy vs. Jason! Ha ha ha...

It was the movie we watched moments before Mami's water bag broke.

Papi : You must be really, really want to watch the movie. I think you asked me quite a number of times already.

Mami : Yalar! I watch half way only ... Everytime I asked you, you never play it for me. You want to wait until our next kid, is it? (Wah, Angry already!)

Papi : OK, OK. I forgot mah.....tonite I play it for you, OK?

Spring Roll

Thanks to Lilian, Mami made fried popiah for me over the weekend!! Yeah!!

Image hosted by

We printed Lilian's post, and went shopping. The popiah skin, turnip/sengkuang, taukua, and beansprout. We didn't put the french bean and the celery, but we put in fried egg and shrimp instead.

But on the day Mami wanted to cook, we lost the recipe! It miraculously appeared after we finished the popiah.....*Twilight Zone theme*. So, we ended up cooking it 'main agak-agak' only. Common sense lor.

Image hosted by
Looks good eh?? :)

While Mami's not a fan of fried food, it was heavenly for me. The crunchiness of the popiah skin, the sweetness of turnip, and juiciness of fresh shrimp. Yummy!

At one point, Mami tried to eat it 'basah style', aka without frying the popiah. Of course, the ingredients were all cooked.

"My colleague said can eat like this", Mami taking a bite at the popiah basah, moments before spitting it out. "Yuck", she complaint, while I laughed at her, happily chomping on my fried popiah.

It was so good that I 'walap' all of them and kept thinking of the popiah. hehehe... Thanks Mami. :)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Super Glue

One fine day, while Mami was on the 'throne'.....

Mami : ...... ^_^;;;

Door : BANG!! BANG!! BANG!!!

Mami : HUH??!!

Yiyi : Mami....Mami......MAMIIII!!!!

Door : BANG!! BANG!! BANG!!!!

Mami : Yiyi, what do you want? Mami's busy.

Yiyi : Mami....Mami.....MAMIIIII!!!!!

Door : BANG!! BANG!! BANG!!!!

Mami : *shake head*

Yiyi has become extremely close with Mami. Wherever she goes, Yiyi wants to follow. Yup! Even to the toilet, Yiyi wants to follow her. hahahaa.... Normally I'll attract Yiyi with toys or books, so that Mami could have some 'peaceful' time, but after a minute or two, she went searching for Mami again, banging on the door, shouting loudly for Mami.

The same thing happens when going out for shopping. She only wants Mami to carry her. If I want to carry her, I'll have to think of a way to trick her. Something like "Papi's gonna bring you to see yellow phyton." or "Papi's gonna get you some ice-cream.", which of course I did.

It's actually very tiring and exhausting for Mami. Kesian... But again, I am glad this special bond is developing between Mami and Yiyi. :)