Thursday, June 24, 2004

The day we become Papi and Mami

Mami was schedule to visit the obstetrician, who happen to be her uncle, that Saturday. After the routine inspection, the obstetrician set another appointment next week for checkup to see whether she is ready. Then we travel back to Mami's hometown, which is about 45 mins drive, where we intend to stay overnight.

That night, we were watching Freddy vs Jason VCD in the bedroom, when Mami said she wants to go the bathroom. So I paused the movie, and waited for her to comeout, when suddenly she came out and say "I am not sure but I thnk my water just broke". Huh? She is 2 weeks early.

Papi : Are you sure?

Mami : I don't know. Never try before.

Papi : OK, OK, don't panic.

Mami : Here it goes again..... (She was actually having a very minor contraction.)

Papi : OK, OK, don't panic, let me pack few things.

It was 12 midnight. So I packed few things, water termos, her cloths, some cloths for me, and all other stuff. Mami's has 3 sisters who has gone through this, so we kinda know what to expect and what to pack. And lucky we have prepared for this day.

She was wearing a maternal t-shirt and a pair of long pant, which we later learnt it was a stupid mistake. Never wear long pants if your water broke. One of Mami's sister was still awake, so we inform her about it. Then we drove to the hospital.

Since it was midnight and the sense of urgency, the supposed 45-mins drive took only 20 mins. During the drive, she was having minor contraction. I drove straight to the emergency ward, and informed the staff. The staff came out with a wheelchair. We helped Mami's onto the wheelchair, and then she was wheeled to the maternal ward. I have to removed the car and proceed to the car park.

At the maternal ward, I have to clear a few matters, filling in forms, getting the details of Mami and me, and most importantly, money deposit. Then the nurse brought me to a single-occupant room, where I asked for another single bed for me. Then I was left alone in the room. In the room, I can hear a very weird sound, sounded like a horse galloping but with an inconsistent beat. I followed the sound to a corridor, and managed to locate the room where the sound was coming from. I knew Mami is in that room.

A nurse came out from the room, and asked me to go in. When i entered the room, I found out what was making the sound. It was the sound of the baby heartbeat from the fetal doppler. yiyi's heartbeat. The heartbeat was pretty strong, I thought. Mami was lying on a bed, with different clothing, hospital clothing. After the midwife performed some checks on Mami, she said Mami was not ready yet. So we went back to our room.

(to be continued.....)