Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Having a baby will change your lifestyle completely, and it's true. Before this, we can go anywhere we want, when we want, do what we want. Simply pack few things and we are off. No worries, no responsibility, Just Do It.

But now things have changed. Everything we do, or plan to do, we have to think twice, and most of the time, it revolve around our daughter. When planning for a trip, we have to ensure she will be comfortable. We have to make sure that baby facility is available, and baby cot is available. When going out, we have to make sure the weather is not too hot. Then come the packing. It is like moving the entire house....

Papi : Diapers?

Mami : Diapers, check!

Papi : Hot water?

Mami : Hot water, check!

Papi : Warm water?

Mami : Warm water, check!

Papi : Cloths?

Mami : Cloths, check!

Papi : Walker?

Mami : Walker, check!

Papi : Stroller?

Mami : Stroller, check!

Papi : Pacifier?

Mami : Pacifier, check!

Papi : Milk powder?

Mami : Milk Powder, check!

Papi : Panadol?

Mami :! What panadol? She's still baby lar!

Papi : Aiya, Panadol for me la.... *headache*