Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Papi & Mami

Mami : Eh? When yiyi grow up ah, what you want her to call you ah?

Papi : How about you?
(Mami always complaint that I always answer her question by questioning her back. ha ha ha

Mami : Me ah? Mami lor.

Papi : She decide lor what she wanna call me.

Mami : Aiya, she's too young, we must teach her one. How about Papa?

Papi : Papa? Papa and Mami. Doesn't rhyme leh?

Mami : Daddy leh?

Papi : eee...daddy for angmoh bapuk.

Mami : then how?

Papi : *think think* Papi lor. Papi and Mami. PapiMami.

Mami : ha ha ha ! sounds like a dog...ha ha ha

Papi : grrrr.....wou wou!