Wednesday, June 23, 2004


yiyi is our 8 months old daughter. Cute, beautiful and full of energy, she brings joy and happiness to our family.

At 8 months old, she beginning to experiment with her surrounding. She will try to get her hands on everything, and I tell you, she is fast. One moment she is behind the sofa, and next she will holding the remote control, pressing away happily. She seems to have a connection with the remote control. Any remote control in fact. Astro, TV, fan, air con, DVD player. And once she grab hold of one, she won't let go. If you try to take it away, she will scream at you...

Mami : yiyi, cannot play with remote control ah... *grab remote control from yiyi*

yiyi : Arrrhhh!! translation: give me back my remote control!!!

Mami : Arrrrhhhhh!! *screams back* translation: don't you scream at your Mami!!

Yeah, it is one of those special moment of mother-daughter talk.