Wednesday, June 23, 2004

yiyi - part 2

yiyi moves around in a baby walker. And she is extremely fast with the walker. Zoom here and there, just like F1 driver.

Mami : Inherited from you lar, Papi.

Papi : Heh heh heh...

We have to take extra precaution whenever she's on the walker. In a blink of an eye, she is already near the Astro decoder trying to yank the cables out. So, that's why we put 'barriers' around the living room. We use coffee table, chairs, bolsters, just to keep her away from dangerous places.

She likes to look up at the ceiling or at the sky when outdoor. So we trained her to recognise certain objects she could find on the ceiling.

Mami : yiyi, where is the fan?

yiyi : *looking up at the ceiling fan*

Mami : Pandai! Where is the lamp?

yiyi : *looking up at the ceiling lamp*

My father, yiyi's grandpa, likes to bring her outdoor, to look at the surrounding. He also trained yiyi to recognise few objects.

Grandpa : yiyi, where is bird?

yiyi : *looking up at the sky to a flock of bird flying nearby*

Grandpa : Where is aeroplane?

yiyi : *looking up at the sky to an aeroplane flying near the horizon*

Grandpa : Good. Where is Mami?

Mami : *standing behind Grandpa - clap clap hand*

yiyi : *looking up at the sky searching for Mami...*

Grandpa & Mami : Aiya! *pengsan*

Pandai - Malay word meaning clever
pengsan - Malay word meaning fainted