Thursday, June 24, 2004

Difference between Man and Woman

When buying something ....


1. Go to shop.
2. Locate item.
3. Buy item.
4. Leave.


1. Consider for few days whether to buy or not.
2. Decided to buy.
3. Go to shop.
4. Try out the item.
5. Try out another item.
6. Try out yet another item.
7. Keep on comparing the different items for 124 times.
8. Check price.
9. Bargain with sales person.
10. Not agree with the price. Pretend to leave and look at other items.
11. Sales person offer their best price.
12. Still deciding whether to buy or not.
13. Still comparing the different items.
14. Buy item.
15. Go window shopping.
16. Leave when legs starting to ache.