Thursday, June 24, 2004


Yesterday I got an unexpected call from a friend, Lychee. He was my room mate when we were studying in UK. But I missed the call as my HP was in Mami's handbag and when I got to know about the call, I couldn't call him back, coz my prepaid ran out of credit. So I call him today.

He was actually a course mate of mine in local college. We know each other but we were in a different 'group'. There were Cameron group, KL group, Rich-kid group etc, you know, people from the same background tend to stick together.

There were 5 of us who enrolled for the same university in UK, me, Mami, Ultraman, SunSun, and Lychee. And we rented a house near our university. As you all know, studying abroad, you need to be independent. Cook your own meal, wash your cloths, make your own bed, unless you have gf to do it for you *wink wink* ;).

If there is a guy who didn't know how to fried an egg, Lychee's the one. There was a day when we just moved into our newly rented house. All of us was hungry, and craved for something Malaysian. We have been having Curry chicken (angmoh style) and potatoes for a week long during our orientation week. So the best thing was egg, that we easily bought from a grocery shop few doors away.

And that was the first time Lychee fried an egg. He heated some oil in a hot pan, then he cracked the egg into the overheated pan. And hot oil and pieces of egg splattered all over him, onto his face, his arm. And he ran to his room to apply some lotion, crying "Mama, Mama..."......... Okay, I made the crying part up.

So next time, our friend clever already. He would cracked the egg onto a bowl first, then pour it into the frying pan. Then he ran as fast as possible to the nearest bus stop. Once the egg is cooked, and the spewing of hot oil stopped, he would return with a plate on his hand and a smirk on his face. Victory. But sometime he return to find his egg badly burnt.

As time goes by, his skilled improved. He no longer scared of the spewing hot oil. He even learn to cook other dishes, curry chicken, fried chicken, fried rice, fried mee, vege, soup.

After our course completed.....

Papi : So, what have you learnt during this 1 year plus?

Lychee : I don't know about you but I learnt to cook...

Papi : Huh? Try telling that to your family..ha haha..

Lychee : Really, when I get back, I want to cook for my family. Now, I don't have to worry I will get hungry. I can always cook..

Mami : Yalar, next time, if your wife refused to cook for you, then you can cook your own lar....ha ha ha