Thursday, June 09, 2005

New Car

Yesterday I witnessed a Malaysia Record being made. I watched the longest advertisement on TV (more than an hour long). I was watching the My News Network (the news) on NTV7. Heck! It could even be a World record! I was waiting for the news, but all I get was Proton Savvy promo (pronounced as sa-vee, not Sawi, OK?). Even the newscasters wore Proton uniform. *shake head*

While everyone were all excited with Proton Savvy and Perodua MyVi, we got our new car last week!! Well, actually not OUR car, but my dad's, but still, we are excited about the Naza Citra! :)

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This '7 seaters' actually sits 5 comfortably. 2 in front, 2 in the middle, and 1 at the back. And the one at the back have to sit 'bersila' (crossed legs on the floor).

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The interior is quite nice. The front panel are nicely designed. Except that I feel that certain things are a bit out of my reach. The gear stick for example. And the compartment, underneath the radio panel. And why do they have a heater in a Malaysian car?

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The back seats can be folded for more luggage space.

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Back view.

One thing I don't recommend is the DVD player and the LCD. It was installed in a position that literally, in front of your face (if you are sitting in the middle row). Imagine watching movie in the cinema and you're sitting in the first row. But then, there's no more space available, due to the sun-roof. I would prefer it on the back of the head rest.

Yiyi loves the car! When asked whether she likes the new car or the Waja, she shouted "New Car!". We are planning to visit her grandmother (Mami's mom) this weekend. Then she can enjoy the car. hehehe...