Monday, June 06, 2005

Freddy vs Jason

Mami : Hey, where's the Jason movie ah?? I haven't finish watching lar...

Papi : What movie? Porno ah?

Mami : No lar, that movie we watch before Yiyi was born. Jason something...

Papi : Oh!! Freddy vs. Jason! Ha ha ha...

It was the movie we watched moments before Mami's water bag broke.

Papi : You must be really, really want to watch the movie. I think you asked me quite a number of times already.

Mami : Yalar! I watch half way only ... Everytime I asked you, you never play it for me. You want to wait until our next kid, is it? (Wah, Angry already!)

Papi : OK, OK. I forgot mah.....tonite I play it for you, OK?