Friday, May 27, 2005

I'm back!

Miss me?? hehehe...

I am so tired now, I wish I don't have to work today and I think I could sleep 12 hours straight.

The whole trip didn't go as planned. But luckily I got my work done, and that's the most important. Everything seemed to be falling out of place.

Departure - My early flight to Kuala Terengganu was delayed for 40 minutes. I hate delays, especially because I hate flying. I wanted to get it over with as soon as possible, and keep my feet firmly on the ground. If I have a choice between driving 8 hours to KT or taking a 1-hour flight to KT, I'll drive.

Wrong Parts - A simple swap-and-restore work turned out to be a stressful 12 hours work. Apparently our client made a mistake by ordering the wrong part. So alternatively, I used the spare part, without knowing the spare part is also faulty! There I was, spending almost 6 hours of precious time, trying to reinstall the system using a faulty part without me knowing it. *sigh*

Hotel - I didn't get my prefered hotel. So I checked myself in to another hotel, about 40km away! Took me almost 40 minutes to drive through the trunk roads with goats, cows and kerbaus crossing the road (with no warning!).

Schedule - Even with the problem I was facing, I managed to finish the work ahead of schedule. But another event that was scheduled on the third day was cancelled because the client was busy. So I actually have one day 'free time'. That's a good thing, right? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Resort near KT - Because I was free on the third day, I decided to go to KT. Mami helped me to book a room in a resort 'not far from airport and KT'. It turned out to be quite far actually. About 35 km from KT, 25km from the airport. And the room sucked! The aircon was faulty and blewing sand and dust onto my open luggage(which I put directly below the aircon duct). I only realised it when I reached home to clean up. :(

Waterfall - My flight was scheduled for night. I requested for a late checkout so that I could rest, but it was turned down. *sigh* So, having no where to go, I decided to drive to a 'nearby' Sekayu waterfall. I had no idea where it is, and I was following the road sign. When I reached Sekayu, my mileage read 80km, only to find I have to hike up a hill for another 2km. I turned back.

Shopping Centres - Bored and exhausted, I decided to check out the shopping centres. Much cooler mah, got aircon. I almost visited all the shopping centres (or is it supermarket) in KT and they all look the same. Ground floor : food stuff and groceries. First Floor : Clothing. Second Floor : Toys, VCDs, Miscellaneous.

Coming back - Again, my flight was delayed. This time 50 minues. But the plane arrived and hour later, and took a very very long time to taxi to KLIA terminal. When I reached home, it's already half past midnight.

So is it good to be back? Hell, YA!!