Thursday, May 19, 2005

TV Ads

TV : *showing Sony T7 super slim digital camera advertisement*

Yiyi : Ah-Sok! Ah-Sok! (Ah-Sok meaning Uncle, refering to my brother)

Mami : Yiyi, where got Ah-Sok?

Yiyi : Ah-Sok! *point TV*

She was refering to the male photo that was captured by the digicam at the end of the advertisement, where the digicam spun around.


TV : *showing Ridsect ads*

Yiyi : Papi! Like Papi!!

Mami : HAHAHAHAHA!!! Where got Papi?? *wiping tear from eyes*

Papi : Huh??

Yiyi : Papi, like Papi!! *point to TV*


Papi : Aiyo..Yiyi..Papi looks like that meh? *shake head*

Yiyi : *giggle giggle*

The ads Yiyi is refering to is the one where there's a guy who couldn't sleep and kept shifting on his bed because of mosquitoes.