Monday, April 25, 2005

Sleeping Piggies

The lady, whose wallet we found two weeks ago, got us a gift. sweet. :)

This is what she gave to us...
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Two figurines of sleeping piggy.

Mami : So cute...

Papi : Yeah.

Mami : You think she bought this because we looked like pigs ah?

Papi : ha ha ha!! No lar. Just a token of appreciation lar.

Mami : Just kidding only he he he.

Papi : So, which one is you lar?

Mami : The pink one lar, pink is for girl-girl mah.

Papi : oic..he he he *evil*

Mami : So the blue one must be you lar?

Papi : lar. I am neither. I am not a pig mah...kih kih kih..

Mami : Aik!! You ah!! *hit Papi*

Papi 1, Mami 0

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That's Mami he he he...

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That's not Papi...he he he