Monday, April 18, 2005

Shopping for Glasses

"Do you have the Harry Potter type?", Mami asked the optician.

"Err....Harry Potter ah?", the optician replied, his eyes searching the display.

"Harry Potter nice meh?", I asked Mami, trying to hide my embarrassment.

Mami thinks I'll look nice if I wear a rounded glasses, ala Harry Potter. But normally it's either too small or it looked too old for me.

"How about this?" the optician gave me a Calvin Klein.

"Err... too small."

"And this?"

"Too big."


"Aiya, look like Ah-Pek.", I complained. I am a picky customer.

I started to have problems with my eye sight (short-sighted) when I was in Form 5. I still remember I couldn't see a damn thing on the blackboard when I was sitting for my lab for SPM. I told my parents about it and finally they got me a pair when I was in Form 6. Mami still laughs when I show her my first gold-colored glasses. "So old, like AhPek like that" she joked.

At first, of course, I didn't get used to it. It felt 'foreign'. I would took it off every chance I got. But over the years, it became a necessity. Even if I am not wearing it, I still feel it's there.

I wear glass lenses. The reason is I am not really good at looking after my stuff. It's heavier, but most importantly, it's scratch-proof (well, almost). But because it's heavy, I am thinking of wearing contact lens. Not to mention, it will increase my 'handsome-ness' a few notch.

"This one is for 1 day, this one 30 days, this one 60 days.....", the optician explained the various types of contact lenses to me.

"So which one do you prefer? We can show you how to wear it.", the optician asked.

"Err......*gulp*", Beads of sweat trickled down the side of my face.

"Aiya, no need to ask lar, you see, he scared already. We will try it some other time.", Mami sensing my fear.

"he he he....", I, faked a smile, trying to be cool. I chickened out at the idea of putting a foreign object INTO my eyeballs.

I ended up choosing a squarish frame, the only one which can fit nicely and comfortably to my face. Not far from us, a boy was tugging at his mom's shirt.

"Mommy....mommy....", the boy 'manja' his mommy.

"OK lar, OK lar......err... mister you have the Harry Potter type ah?