Monday, April 11, 2005

Lost & Found

I was supposed to post this last Friday but I couldn't login to Blogger. Problem with Streamyx. Anyway...

Last Thursday, as I was parking my car at my office multistorey carpark, I saw something on the floor.

Papi : Eh? Mami, look at that. Is that a wallet?

Mami : No lar. Looks like rubbish to me.

Papi : No lar, look carefully, I think someone dropped his wallet.

We got down from our car, walked towards the 'thing' on the floor, and picked it up.

Mami : Eh? Yalar, it's a wallet ah. But I think just some business cards only lar.

Papi : No lar, see properly. Got contact number or not?

Mami : No lar *search search* Eh? Got credit cards, IC, driving license, money...

Papi : OK, let's go to the office first, then we try to see whether we can contact the owner or not.

So we went back to office and Mami started looking for any contact info in the wallet.

Mami : No contact number lar. Got a few receipts, a clinic registration card, some credit cards. And lots of boyfriend's photo.

Papi : He he he ...see see....wah handsome leh... (LOL!! Sorry ah! Kaypo a bit)

Mami : So how?

Papi : Let's call the clinic, if cannot, we call the bank, you got the credit card right?

Mami : Yup!

So I called the clinic and explained the situation to the lady there. She asked me to hold and came back with nothing. All they have is an address in Cheras. (Imagine I am someone with ill-intention. I could get her address easily.)

So next, I called the bank (a foreign bank). Again, I explained the situation to the girl and asked her to trace the holder of the credit card. Then I was put on hold, while she called the owner. A few moment later, the girl came back on telling me the owner is on the line with her, and she would need my contact number, so that the owner can call me directly. I gave her my number, and a few seconds later, the owner called me. :) Here the bank did the right thing. The operator didn't let out any information about their customer.

Apparently the owner is working in the same area, just the next block. On the phone, she was clearly stunned, and didn't know what to do. Since it was nearby, I offered to send the wallet to her. We arranged to meet somewhere near her office.

Mami : Ha ha ha..... We kena deliver the wallet ah?

Papi : He he he...No problem lar. Help people must help until the end mah. Eh, but if she offer us money how ah?

Mami : No lar. She won't.

Papi : If RM50, I take lar.... (I was teasing Mami lar)

Mami : You ah...

In the end, we managed to pass the wallet back to the owner. She profusely thanked us for returning her wallet. But I think she was still a bit confused of what had happenned.

Mami : Ha ha ha .....she called you Mr. Ng. ha ha ha... ( BTW, I am not Ng)

Papi : He he ... never mind lar, we helped her saved her wallet, her money and most important of all, all the credit cards, IC and driving license.

Mami : And her boyfriend's photo.

Papi : he he he...

The next morning, she SMSed me to thank me again, and offered to treat us lunch, which we politely declined.