Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Yes, we are going for a holiday in Singapore! Our target - Singapore Zoo.

I will be heading to Malacca this evening after work to meet Mami and Yiyi. I missed them so much. Then tomorrow we will be driving down to Singapore, via Woodland checkpoint. But we have to time and plan our journey, to avoid paying VEP (Vehicle Entry Permit). The VEP is free after 5pm (between 5pm to 2am). We also do not have to pay VEP during Singapore public holiday and Saturdays/Sundays. So basically we do not have to pay for VEP for the entire trip.

Another headache is the ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) aka toll. As your car is driven through a gantry on the road, a certain amount of toll will be deducted automatically from your automated toll card/scanner. Similar to SmartTag in Malaysia but more advanced, imho. As I do not have a ERP reader/scanner, I do not plan to use ERP. Thus I need to plan my journey to avoid these ERPs. Well, I could rent an ERP reader, but I need to come out with S$120 for the deposit.

So if you asked me whether to drive to Singapore, my advice: Don't. It's too troublesome, the parking, VEP, ERP and toll will drain your wallet. There are many rules and regulations, it is so troublesome. I have driven many times to Singapore and I am quite familiar with the how and what and where and when, but I still don't like it. Their public transport is quite efficient and fast and somewhat reliable.

We'll also be visiting Mami's sister in Singapore. She is married to a Singaporean husband, a mother of 3 and now residing in Tampines. As always, we will bringing lots and lots of stuff for them. Diapers, Milk formulas, food stuff. Malaysia cheaper mah. Hopefully we don't get stopped by the cocky immigration officers.

So, we'll see you next week! Have a wonderful week and a wonderful weekend.