Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Baby Talk

Yiyi has been experimenting with words for the past few weeks. She would listen to us, to our conversation, and she would repeat some of the words we said. She is also now able to sing some songs and nursery rhymes, but only a couple of 1-syllable words.

But yesterday, she managed to say 5 syllables in a sentence.

"Papi Tar Gi Tar"

Papi plays the guitar, she said. Actually I didn't play the guitar in front of her. It's actually a song that Mami taught her during shower time.

"Sia Yu Sia Ta Ta....Papi Tar Gi Tar" Mami sang in Mandarin.
Translation: "The rain falls heavily...Papi plays the guitar".

I actually have another version of the song, but cannot teach Yiyi lar.
"Sia Yu Sia Ta Ta ...... Dua Bui Wan Lam Pah" he hehe...

Dua Bui: Hokkien - Fat Guy
Wan : Mandarin - Play
Lam Pah : Hokkien - Balls