Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Got no time to blog leh. Both of us are very very busy right now. I am just gonna sneak this post in.

I got so much work to do now. Mami too. A new tender lar. And no, we are not gonna quit blogging. he he he.

We actually worked through the joke. We only got to know it when we found out Buaya got conned.

Mami : Eh? What is this?

Papi : What?

Mami : Neh...Michael and Dr Liew quitting.

Papi : Sure or not? See see...

Mami : You see lar.

Papi : No lar, Buaya said he got conned mah. Let me check later.

Later, I found many more got conned. Some were mad, some just laughed it off, some jumped down from Komtar. Well...almost. But those who showed real concern, they probably felt betrayed.

Okie dokie, got to get back to work. See ya...


Just to clarify on this post. We have no ill feelings towards Mike and Doc over the early April's Fool joke. Both of them are great bloggers and we have enjoyed their blogs from day 1 and we believed we will continue to do so. Both of us were not affected coz we were busy working. Aiya! The biggest prank on Malaysian blogosphere, and we missed it!

So, what if we were conned, like many people out there? Well, I think we will definitely show our concern when Mike and Doc announced something's wrong with their blogs. We will also be feeling a sense of lost when they announced they are quitting. A great lost. But the joke, I think, we will just laughed it off. We don't take it personally. :)

Now I believe, both Mike and Doc know how much they mean to their readers. It's not just an everyday read, but they have become part of our daily lives. Part of the big blogosphere family.

So now, everything is settling down. So just let it be, anad let's move on.

Got to get back to work! Cheers!