Friday, February 25, 2005

Baking a Cake

After reading Lilian's post about the butter cake, Mami decided to give it a try. She have been bugging me for a few days to bake the cake.

"Eh? We bake tonite ah? Want or not?" She said.
"Can. Up to you lor. You got all the ingredients?"
"Errr...I need UHT milk and Castor Sugar."
"OK, later we go buy"

Later at the shop, we were looking for castor sugar, but can't seems to find it.

"Eh? Papi, what's castor sugar ah? Cannot find leh."
"Huh, don't know. See that side got or not?"
"No lar, normal sugar can ah?"
"Cannot lar. Neh..this icing sugar lar."
"Cannot one, icing sugar is not castor sugar lar."
"Aiya, same one lar, different name only mah."
"No, no, no, must castor sugar."

But luckily we found it in another shop. Then we went straight back home. At home, we were arguing what to use to mix and whip the butter and sugar!

"Mami, we use this fork lar."
"You lar! I asked you to buy that wire-whipper, you don't want."
"Aiya, this one also can."
"I think that one easier to whip mix mah. Here try this wooden spatula."
"Maybe I can tied several forks together with a rubber band and...."
"Hah! You try lar, you go ahead and try!" *wave spatula*
"OK, OK, wooden spatula...." *whip mix whip gulp*

Since we don't have a kitchen weigher, everything we 'agak-agak' wan.

"Mami, the sugar how many grams?"
"Eh...230 grams"
"This pack is 450 grams, so about half the pack lar."
"Errr...about that lar"
"OK, so I pour until the letter A on the packet here" *pour ...check...pour....check*


"OK, Lilian said preheat 180 deg C"
"How we know the oven is 180?"
"Errr...until the power light go off kua?"
"Sure or not?"
"Aiya, we switch on for 5 mins, then we put it in lar."

So we waited, and waited, and waited.

"Wah!! Smell so nice!!"
" come still white-white like that"
"yalor hor, tambah another 5 minutes"



So that's our first time baking a cake! ha ha ha..But why the skin kedut kedut one ah?
So how's the taste of the cake, you ask? Delicious! *kembang* although it doesn't taste like a butter cake. Taste more like a egg-flavoured cake, but still nice. I think not enough flour lar.

"Eh Papi, if the cake nice, I bake wan lar. If the cake not nice, then you said you bake ar?"
"Ini macam pun ada kah?? OK lar, OK lar"