Thursday, February 17, 2005

Things happened for a reason.

Sometime, it's amusing how things work themselves out. It's amazing how unrelated events can tied up together to give us a big surprise!

As you all know, some of our electrical appliances were damaged due to some problems with our electrical system, including our Astro unit. So yesterday, we tried to get a Astro technician to look into it.

We have the number of the Astro technician who came and install our second unit 6 months ago. I got his card, put it into my shirt pocket (that was the last thing I remember) and went for work. Reaching the office, I wanted to call him and look for the card. But it was gone. I lost it. I have no idea how I lost it, or where I lost it.

Not sure what to do, we came up with two choices:
1. Call the electrical shop from where we bought our Astro, or
2. Call the air-con shop around the neighbourhood.

We decided to call the air-con shop around the neighbourhood, to see whether they provide Astro servicing. Surprisingly, they do provide the service and asked me to call their sub-con. I called the gentleman, and made an appointment with him.

So at the agreed time, we went back, and wait for him. Half and hour later he arrived. He walked in, and his face expression changed immediately. I noticed it and felt weird, but I proceeded to greet him. Mami was behind me, when suddenly she blurted "Eh?!! Aren't you BigBro's BIL??". He too, was taken by surprised to see us. He still remember Mami.

Big Bro is Mami's closest friend from college. He treated her like his sister and she treated him like his brother. Mami's was quite close with his family back in college, but then, later, with work commitment and family, they didn't keep in touch for many many years. We also met his BIL a few times. Mami was quite close to his kids back then.

"Wah so many year never met lar"
"Last time I remember your son only 5 years old ah"
"5 years old? Now Form 1 already lor"
"Hah??! Form 1? Wah! That 7-8 years already ah?"

We chatted for a while. He fixed our Astro in no time. Got a special discount as well, he he he.. And it turned out, he's also an experienced electrician. And we are having him to check our internal wiring and to install some lightning protection.

If I didn't lost the Astro technician card, we would never meet him. If we didn't call the air-con shop, but instead, call the electrical shop (which is the more sensible thing to do), we would never meet him either.

Sometime, things happened for a reason.