Thursday, February 03, 2005

Just Can't Wait - CNY!!

OK lar, this is a happy post as opposed to my sad post, earlier.

Yesterday, we were chatting about Chinese New Year over dinner, while eating mandarin orange. I was a bit excited. So...

Mami : Wah, looks like you like Chinese New Year very very much, like a kid like that.

Papi : Yalar, it's a festival mah.

Mami : For me, it's normal only, just another public holiday.

Papi : Eh? Best you know, can eat keropok, eat kueh, can drink carbonated drinks, can gamble, can watch TV, can play mercun, got mandarin orange. Syiokk!

Mami : ha ha ha

Papi : But last time, lagi best. Because can get angpow some more...he hehe...

Some of the thing I enjoyed most is the mandarin orange. Sweet and juicy, if put inside the fridge to cool it, wah!! Syiok man!

Also this is the only period when my mom will fried keropok for us. Actually it's for visitors, but normally me and my brother (and sometime my dad) will 'whack' first before the visitors. She normally fried prawn crackers, fish cracker, and sometime, squid cracker.

Other 'must-have' in my home is cashew nuts, assorted pckled fruits (asam jeruk), sweets, sunflower seed/kuaci (red type), a type of biscuit made of peanuts, peanuts (cap tangan), a sweet crunchy oily cracker called "Mat Fung Tau" (beehives?), and kueh kapit.

Speaking of kuaci, every year my mom will share her, or rather her mom's (my grandma lar), kuaci story. We were told that our grandma was actually a champion kuaci eater. She had a unique way of eating kuaci. She scooped a handful of kuaci and put it all in her mouth! All with the shell. Then seconds later, she would spit out the shell one by one, all nicely cracked, leaving only the kuaci inside her mouth. "ptui....ptui....ptui....ptui...." She will also opened her mouth to show everyone the kuaci inside her mouth.

Then she told us about my uncle (my mom's youngest brother) who loves kuaci but was too small to de-shell them. So what did he do? He asked my grandma to do it for him, of course, old grandma style.