Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Duplicate Saman Part 2

Yesterday was a public holiday for us. So we took the opportunity to head down south to settle my double summonses issue. Mami wanted to drive (about 2 hours drive) , so I let her.

Mami : Eh? Papi? What's the speed limit ah?

Papi : Here ah? err..110 km/h.

Mami : Can I drive at 130 ah?

Papi : Err...can! But if you kena saman, ... ha ha ha ...

Mami : Aiya, better don't lar. But I kept going above 110 lar.

Papi : he he he...

Mami : *yelling at the slow car in front* Hoi!! Step on it lar!! Move it!! So low balik tidur lar!!!!

OK, I made that one up.

The supposedly 2 hours drive took only one hour. Mami turned into Michael Schumacher when she drives.

When we reached the balai, there were 2 traffic policemen at the counter.

"Apa pasal?" one of them asked. ("What's wrong?")

"Saman saya silap masuk dua kali dalam sistem?" I explained. ("My summons was mistakenly entered twice into the system.")

"OK, pergi itu kaunter dekat blakang sana" he pointed me to the back. ("Goto the counter at the back")

At the counter, I passed my summons and receipt to the officer, and explained to him what happened. He took my summons and receipt, punched some keys on the keyboard, stared at the computer and scratched his head.

"Macam mana ni? Alamak, diorang masuk dua kali?". He was talking to himself.

Then he passed it to another colleague and asked for his opinions. He, too, scratched his head. The two were discussing and thinking, at a blank of how to handle this. Then the first guy came up with a brilliant idea!!

"OK, you pegi jumpa Constable H" the officer 'tai chi-ed" it to another officer.

So off we went searching for this Constable H, only to find that he was out. So we waited.
And waited.
And waited.

30 minutes later, a skinny guy, who looks more like a technician, turned up. I passed the docs to him, and explained the matter to him. He examined the receipt, a printout I got from the first officer and the summons.

"Aiya, problem lar. Ini orang buat ini saman sudah pencen lar. Manyak susah lar" he sighed. ("Ah! It's a problem now, because the officer who issued this summons has retired. It's a bit difficult.")

"Wah!! Kalau dia sudah mati, ini balai boleh tutup kedai lar!!" (Wow! If he's dead, then this station can close-shop lar!) I wanted to say this, but I decided it wasn't a smart thing to do. So I asked him "So, apa macam encik?"

He said he will need to speak to his superior and promised to settle it for me so that I don't have to go down again. Since both summonses were issued by the court, so it will be difficult to just delete it from the system and 'settle it'.

Looks like it's not that easy. I am supposed to call the guy next week to check whether they have erased my summons from the system. Let's hope this guy is efficient!