Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Ops Warta IV

Every year, we read about stunned and shocked men, and women, clad in singlet and bermuda pants, being greeted by the royal policemen at their home, informing them of their outstanding summons for traffic offences. And every year, we read about the thousands of summons issued for various traffic offense commited and millions of ringgit in compound that are owed to the police. And still every year, we listened to various excuses given by these people who were caught off-guard. "Lupa lah", "Talak duit", "Saya ingat itu kawan sudah bayar!", "It wasn't me!!".....

It's the time when different organisations will try to outdo each other and advertise their services of checking for summons, whether through the internet, automated telephony or SMS. It's also the time you will see the traffic police headquaters are flooded with people trying to pay up their summons, with the queue spilling up to the main road.

Of course, every year, I will checked through the JPJ system, which links to the PDRM system. And every year, I got the same result....

I had a minor accident back in 1998. One late afternoon, while driving back from a wedding lunch, we were involved in a 3 cars pile-up. I was driving, Mami was in the passenger sear with her little nephew, and my BIL & SIL sleeping at the back. I was tailing this car at a safe distant, when suddenly the car in front braked to a stop. I was distracted for a while, with the little nephew in front, and didn't managed to stop in time. Bang! My fault completely.

After I hit the car in front, that car rolled forward and hit the car in its front. No one was hurt, luckily. We came down to check for damages. The car I hit was driven by a lady, who worked in insurance. The other car was driven by a man with his family. I apologised and offered to settle it on the spot, but I will only be held responsible for the car I hit i.e. the lady. And the lady would have to settle it with the other car. But she refused and she wanted to claim insurance. So we ended up in the balai. I paid for the summons and fees, and then the case was mentioned in court and I was slapped with a further compound. I paid them immediately.

And still, after 7 years, their record still shows that I have an outstanding summons. Despite many, many enquiries sent to them and empty promises by officers to look into it, nothing has been done *sigh*. So what do I do? I keep a photocopy of the receipt and the summons in my wallet, ,and I bring it everywhere I go.

Looks like I need to go down south to meet them again to clarify this for once and for all.