Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Tricked Mind

Have you ever been in a situation where your mind is thinking of one thing and your body is doing another thing? It's as if your mind is being tricked that it is actually doing the right thing.

Case 1
I was driving when I reached the cash toll booth on NKVE. For those who are not familiar with NKVE, it is a tolled expressway in Malaysia, linking Jalan Duta in Kuala Lumpur to Bukit Raja in Klang. For cash transaction, as you enter the highway, a ticket is collected from the toll booth, which indicates your entry point. Then when you exit, you returned the ticket to the toll booth operator, who will calculate the toll charges you need to pay.

I stopped my car next to the toll booth and rolled down my window, and proceed to pass the ticket to the operator. But, somehow, the operator refused to take my ticket. I was holding the ticket on one hand, and searching for money with the other hand, and the operator simply refused to take my ticket. Her hand was sticked out to receive it, but she didn't want my ticket. I was about to yell at her, when I realised I was holding a funny looking, colourful 'ticket'. It was my card calendar. Feeling embarassed and stupid, I quickly reach for the real ticket and passed it to her, which she processed it in no time.

Case 2:
Again I was driving. This time on the North-South Expressway, and I was using the Touch n Go. So I drove up to the reader, next to the toll booth, rolled down my window, with my left hand reaching for the card. Passing it to my right hand, I touched the reader with the card, hoping to hear the familiar 'beep' sound. Nothing. I touched again. Still nothing.

Then I realised I am holding a really weird looking card. It looks more like my parking tag for my office building. A circular black plastic tag, with a suction rubber on one side. Only then I realised I have reached for the wrong tag.

Case 3:
I was in front of the mirror, cleaning myself up, getting ready to go to work. As always I use gel (not Gatsby) for my hair. I put some gel onto the palm of my hand, spread it evenly on both palms and rub it together. Then I applied it on my ..... chest!! WTH??

It must have been 1-2 seconds before I realised it, and felt stupid.

So, am I getting old or absent-minded?? Or I got too many things on my mind?