Friday, December 31, 2004

Tsunami Tragedy - The Aftermath 3

The death toll has surpassed the 100,000 mark. I was watching the news this morning when the newscaster announced that more than 125,000 bodies have been found. And they expected it to climb up some more as rescue teams are going into the remote areas.

This has got to be the deadliest tsunami in recorded history. Lord Richard Attenborough lost his granddaughter in this disaster in Tsunami. His daughter and her mother-in-law are still missing. The Thai King also lost his 21-year old grandson in Phuket. Jet Li survived the killer waves in Maldives but sustained minor injuries while trying to grab his daughter when the hotel started to flood.

But I don't understand this. The Malaysian public are swarming movie video outlet to buy disaster movies. Business was so good that almost all the disaster movie titles have been sold out and they have to re-stock. Titles like The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, Dante’s Peak, The Perfect Storm and Earthquake are selling like hot cakes. Sometime, I thnk Malaysian is getting too comfortable; no major earthquake, no typhoon, no hurricane (which I am grateful for), that we have to rely on movies to shock us.

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