Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tsunami Tragedy - The world is coming together

The death toll now has soared to about 77,000! And it is predicted that it would surpass 100,000. Let's hope the prediction is wrong.

I m getting a lot of hits for my entries about the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Most people are looking for information, and the Internet seems to be the best place to find it. With updated reports and statistics, the Internet has provide one of the most accurate news media and speedy dissemination of information.

The world is now stand united and working together in the relief effort for thos who are affected by the killer tsunami. Relief funds are pouring in, ships and planes carrying medical supplies and personnel are moving in to these coastal regions, while rescue personnel are sifting through the debris.

Check out the excellent SEA-EAT blog for various information related to the Indian Ocean Tsunami, including news and information about resources, aid, donations, and volunteer efforts.

In the mean time, if you wish to contribute, please check out the UPDATED entry here, with a new fund by The Star/Maybank, Cuepacs and SMS your donations thru Celcom and Digi.