Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunami Tragedy - The Aftermath 2

The death tolls now stand at more than 56,000. Yesterday's figure has doubled and still rising. Indonesia has updated its death figure to more than 27,000! A more than five-fold increase. While Sri Lanka death tolls now was reported at 21,700. Thousands are still missing and rescuers are still looking for bodies in remote areas.

We learnt that the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre did tracked the earthquake within 15-20 minutes and issued a warning of a tsunami through their information buletin. Information was also emailed to Indonesian officials but they didn't know what happened to the information. So if they were to contact Malaysian authorities, do you think the tragedies in Penang, Kedah and Perak can be avoided? I doubt it. Oliviasy has the answer:
"my bf's colleague felt tremors in his condo block and rushed out like avone else. he then tried to call our meteorological dept to find out wat is happening, only to get the answer no one's working!!!"
Maybe they think natural disaster don't strike on a Sunday. Aren't they suppose to have a 24-hours forecast office/operation centre? Well, at least that's what I understand from their website.

Various countries, aid organisations and NGOs are coming together to provide aids of funding, supplies, and personnel to the countries affected by the Indian Ocean Tsunami. The United States has pledged a total of USD35 Mil, Japan USD30 Mil, Australia USD27 Mil, Qatar and Saudi Arabia USD10 Mil, Germaby USD2.7 Mil, Canada USD3.2 Mil and many more. Li Ka-Shing, the Hong Kong telephone tycoon is pledging USD3 Mil. Spain sent a plane with medical kit and personnel and other aid material. Australia sent 4 C-130 Hercules with medical supplies, clean water and health teams. Italy, France, Pakistan, Argentina, Russia, China, India, and many more countries, also sent medicine and rescue help.

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund are also redirecting some of their aid budgets towards the aid relief of this disaster. International Aid organisation like Red Cross, CARE, Oxfam, Christian Aid of London, Unicef are all raising funds and sending relief effort.

This going to be one of the biggest aid operation to help the Asian countries affected by this disaster. No black or white, no political bounderies or ideologies, no developed or developing countries, no poor or rich, no religion borders. Just people helping people in need. Countries helping countries in need.

Please check out the updated info on how you could contribute by clickinghere.