Monday, December 27, 2004

What to do during an earthquake?

Well, if you asked this question a few days ago, you are more likeky to get "Aiya! Don't worry lar, Malaysia where got earthquake one!" or "Ha ha ha, Earthquake in Malaysia??! Ha ha ha..".

Peter Tan of The Digital Awakening has a list of 'what to do' during an earthquake. But I think it is also applicable in any emergency situations. I re-published his list below as a guide for all.
  1. Remain calm - do not panic.
  2. Open the door to secure an exit route.
  3. Turn off all sources of fire.
  4. Do not evacuate until the earthquake is over.
  5. Seek shelter under a sturdy desk away from glass and windows. Cover head and face to protect from falling debris and broken glass.
  6. Keep away from tall cabinets that could topple over and fittings that may fall.
  7. Get out immediately after the earthquake stops, taking with you keys, wallets and emergency supplies only.
  8. Put on your shoes before going out.
  9. Close the door behind you when evacuating, watching out for people who may need your help in getting out.
  10. Do not use the elevator.
  11. When outside, move away from buildings, trees, power lines and lamp posts.
  12. Do not make unnecessary telephone calls. Making phone calls to the emergency services to get information may hamper their rescue efforts.