Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas!!!

My company had declared a half day off, but I have some work to finish off, so I guess I will stay on a little longer. Today, we got our Christmas presents from the company. Guess what is it??
An early paycheck!! ha ha ha...

For as long as I can remember, salary was never early. It was either on time, which is the first day of the month, or late, sometime 1-2 days, sometime 1-2 months!!

Mami : So where should we bank in these cheques?

Papi : Emm...? I think we bank it in Bank 1. (Bank 1 is normally for our daily expenses)

Mami : But how about our credit cards, loan and bills?

Papi : Oh..ya! Then we bank in your cheque in Bank 2 and mine in Bank 1. (Bank 2 handles our loan, bills and credit cards)

Mami : But I think not enough lar.

Papi : Like that ah? Then mine in Bank 2, yours in Bank 1 lor.

Colleague : Aiya! Let Mami enjoy her cheque first lar. So fast you all discussed how to use it.

Papi : ha ha ha ... *sob sob - There goes my cheque!*

Papi, Mami and Yiyi would like to wish everyone out there, wherever you are, a very happy and merry Christmas and a happy new year!