Friday, December 17, 2004

Boring Story - Finale

Want to know what happened next? heh heh on..

Q: So you begin to have some feelings for her. What did you do?
- I know I had to do something. Because it could be the last time we get together. I was still considering whether to continue my study or start working. It could be the last time I see her.

Q: So you made your move?
- Yes, but actually it wasn't a plan, it just came naturally. Faith, I guess, ha ha ha.

Q; What happened?
- On the way home, on the bus, the same thing happened. We were again 'forced' to sit together. Mami was a bit uncomfortable. So she put on her headphone of her walkman to listen to some music. I was trying to chat with her, so I asked her what she was listening. It was a compilation album, "Now (That's what I called music)", she said. I said, "Can I borrow it?". She said, "Sure".

Q: And then?
- A few hours later, we reached the bus stop at Hilton PJ. Mami and a group of friends were getting off here to catch a bus back to her rented room at SS2. I wanted to so much to follow her and asked her out, but I was too shy and with a bus load of jokers, I decided to find another way, some other time.

Q: So you didn't get to ask her out or anything?
- No, not at that time. But then suddenly, I remembered. I still have her tape! Yahoo!! Later I found out that she actually wanted to ask the tape back, but decided not to. Kasi chance to Papi lar.... he he he...

Q: What did you do with the tape?
- As soon as I got home, I started calling my friends, asking for her telephone number. The reason, I wanted to return the tape to her. When I finally got her number, it took me almost 2-3 hours to finally called her. I was walking up and down the telephone, deciding what to say, how to say it, and mustering enough courage to call her. Malu mah...

Q: So you called her?
- Yes, I finally called her. And we 'clicked' instantly!! It was like we have known each other for a long long time. We felt comfortable talking to each other, and so many things to talk about. She was telling me lots of stories. And I miraculously spoke fluently in Mandarin. I still speak Mandarin with her. We ended up talking on the phone for 3 hours. She has the sweetest voice on the telephone.

Q: So what happened next?
- The next day, being the shy person that I am, I called up 2 buddies for a movie. I figured if I get a group to go, maybe Mami won't feel awkward and will join us. And she did. Again we had a great time. That night, we spoke on the phone for 4 hours!

Q: 4 hours! Wow!
- Yeah! And my ear was burning hot! Ha ha ha... Anyway, the next day, I was at it again. I called up 1 friend, and get Mami to join us. We went jalan-jalan, window shopping, makan makan. And that night, we spoke on the phone for 5 hours!!

Q: First, you get 2 buddies, then down to 1, then what?
- ha ha ha On the third day, I finally asked her out on a date, one-to-one. We went for a B horror movie, Metal Beast in the old Section 17 Sentosa cinema. A lousy show, but it was one of the most memorable moments in my life. And Mami's too.

Q: So that's when it all started?
- Yes, we started pak toh-ing that day.

Q: How about your friends? Were they surprised to see both of you together, after all that teasing?
- Yes, of course! One day I went to Mami's house and as always, I parked my car on the side of the road, in front of her house. The same friend who started all the teasing, happened to pass by her house, and noticed my car. Curious, and still couldn't believe his eyes, he decided to check it out. So he went to the back lane, Mami's room was at the back, ground floor. He called for Mami, and when he saw me came out from Mami's room, boy! was he surprised!! He just couldn't believe it, he just kept on laughing and laughing, but it's not like he saw something funny, it's like he saw something weird and scary. And this guy called everyone he knew to tell them about us. By the next day, the whole class knew about it. And they were happy for us.

Q: What happened next?
- I then decided to continue my study with the same college, where she was still studying. We also further our study to the UK, in the same uni. We helped each other with our study. We travel together. Then Came back to Malaysia, and started working. Even, now we are working in the same company, different department though.

Q: Wow! Both of you did everything together?!
- Yup, we are comfortable with each other's company. We still missed each other, if the other one was not around. She is more than my wife to me, she's my best friend, my soulmate. She's also my colleague. he he he

Q: When did you decide to tie the knot?
- We have been going steady for 7 years before we decide to get married. Things have been going well and smooth, so we decided to bring it to the next level. We chose a special date for our registration, which was also the day we started pahtoh-ing. And a year later, we have Yiyi.

Q: Interesting! Anyway, just curious, what happened to the tape?
- Ha ha ha .... I still have the tape with me, I never got to return the tape to her.

So there you go. That was our pak toh story. Writing it (or rather typing it) and reading it again, sure brings back a lot of memories. Sweet memories and sometime not-so-sweet memories. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I writing it.