Thursday, December 09, 2004

My IMAX Experience

I have been reading Sashi's and Narrowband's experience with the IMAX in Berjaya Times Square. Let me share our experience with IMAX. In Barcelona.

Mami and I were backpacking in Europe. Towards the end of our trip, we headed for Spain. The first city we went to in Spain is Barcelona. It was a great city, amazing architecture, with Antoni Gaudi's works such as the La Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, and Güell park, it was one of the best place to visit in Spain.

It wasn't our plan to go for a show in the IMAX theater at the beautiful Port Vell. But it was near to the Maremàgnum, a complex with shops, cinemas, bars and restaurants, and the L'Aquàrium, and we had some extra time, so we decided to check out the IMAX theater. We went for a 3D show about the ocean life, which is a documentary.

There were not many people, as it was not peak tourist season, in the middle of fall. At the entrance of the theater, the attendant passed us the 3D glasses. We were pointed to our seat, which was like 3-4 storey high. The screen is more than 5 storeys high.

Before the show starts, an attendant came up on stage to welcome us and to introduce the theater to us. She was speaking in Spanish or French (maybe both, I couldn't make out), so both of us was like "Huh??". But from her body language and hand gestures, we figured out what she was saying. Well, almost.

The show starts......

Papi : Mami, the show starting already, quick, put on the glasses. *put on glasses*

Mami : OK, OK *put on glasses* Eh? you sure ah?

Papi : Yalar, later we missed the 3D effect.

The show was about the rainforest in the Amazon.

Papi : Wah!! You see, like real lar.

Mami : Err...? where got, like normal only. Where got 3D?

Papi : You see lar, look at the trees, look at the river. Very real lar. Wow!

Mami : *look left and right, up and down* You sure we should be wearing this now?

Papi : Yalar, wear it. If not you won't see the 3D effect. Wow! Look at the birds! Very real lar. Fuiyo!

Mami : Eh? Why other people are not wearing it ah? You see that lady below us. *point to the row below*

Papi : Huh?? Eh? Yalar. Everyone not wearing it yet. Let me see. *take off glasses* Eh? No different with the glasses on or off lar. Maybe the 3D show not started yet lar.

Mami : *trying hard not to laugh* Then why just now you said like real?? he he he The angmo must have think these two stupid asians wearing these 3D stupid glasses watching a non 3D show.

Papi : he he he...*malu*

Later we figured it out ourselves. The show is divided into two parts. The first part was a short documentary about the rainforest in non-3D format. The second part, of which, in the beginning ,has an instruction "Please put on your 3D glasses now" flashed on screen, was about the ocean life shown in 3D format. I guessed the attendant must have informed the audience earlier about this. That's explained why no one wore the glasses earlier in the first part of the show, except those two stoooopid asians.

At the end of the show, we just couldn't contained ourselves, and laughed all the way out of the theater.

malu: Malay meaning embarassed