Friday, November 26, 2004


Looks like we have another bookworm in the house.

A grab shot in very poor lighting

Yiyi loves books, be it magazines, story books, catalogues, and newspapers. In the picture she was flipping through my Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code. I am sure there are no colorful pictures that attracts her in that book, but somehow she likes to pick it up and just flipped through it. She even know when the book she's holding is upside down, and turn it right-side up.

Normally, she would be very happy if she could lay her hand on her colorful story books with pictures of animals, toys, and Disney characters. She can recognised a few animals like elephant, lion, rabbit, tiger, fish, just to name a few.

Other time, she will bug her GrandPa (my dad) to read her the newspaper. She will point to a headline, and GrandPa will read for her. When he finished reading, she will point to another headline, so that GrandPa could read that part to her. Sometime, she would add in her commentary as well, in Baby French of course.

We are buying her many books. We hope to instill a love for books at a very young age. Looks like she's picking up quite well. :)