Thursday, November 25, 2004

Who is Papi?

I was reading Sashi post about Googlism, when I decided to try it myself.

So who is Papi? (According to Googlism):

papi is looking for love
papi is raw
papi is based on the notion that human action occurs due to a combination of emotion and organization
papi is alone at home and he's bored
papi is a complex man in some ways
papi is a tall
papi is installed
papi is only a single
papi is now viewed in 110 countries
papi is one cool guy (*ahem*)
papi is under test in other academic networks
papi is quite good
papi is sinner
papi is taking mami from behind in the kitchen (*gasp*!!! HA HA HA ....)
papi is so fine can i get a yum
papi is not so easily overthrown
papi is on its own power source
papi is one of those rare jewels that overwhelm you with their beauty and incredible history
papi is always right