Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Last night, Yiyi was having problem passing motion. It had been two days she did not 'output'.

So, when she pushed yesterday, we knew it was a hard, big one. She was clearly in pain and she cried. We quickly undressed her, and carried her to the toilet. She was still crying, loudly.

We examined her and found that some faeces got stuck in her anus! But grandma was the hero. She attempted to pull it out using her bare hand. But she only managed to get the poo that was sticking out. The rest was too big and hard for her to push. But a moment later, the big one was sucked back in. (??)

We calmed her down, she was no longer in pain. We mixed some brown sugar with warm water and gave it to her. It was recommended by a paediatrician if your baby is having constipation. Then I went to find some bananas, the natural laxative. After rounding the neighbourhood for 1/2 hour, I managed to find one.

We gave a couple of bananas to her, and she loves banana. An hour later, we tried again. We get her to push by going: "Emmm.....Mmmmmkk.....emmmmkk.....". She understand and started to push. My whole family was left on the edge. Everyone was waiting eagerly, watching her pushing hard, trying hard not to laugh because Yiyi normally makes a funny face whenever she is having bowel motion. She did cried, but she was determined to get it out. So she pushed, and pushed, and cried, and pushed. And all the while, we were like "Go, Yiyi, Go!, cheering her on".

And finally it was out! What a relieve! According to Mami, it was like Mike Tyson fist! .....ha ha a bit exaggerated there, but you get the idea.