Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Pop quiz: What do you call a public holiday in one state but a working day in another state (or federal territory)??

A MyKad application day!! aka Passport application day!

Yesterday was a public holiday for me (I worked in the Public-Holiday Heaven). But it was a working day for the federal territories and some other states. So, off I went to JPN to apply for my MyKad.

So being a public holiday, we woke up a bit late and prepared to go to Putrajaya. I heard the application was quite fast in Putrajaya, less crowd too.

Mami : Do you think we need to go there early, queue up to get our queue numbers?

Papi : Aiya, that was ages ago lar, I am sure they have improved their process. They should be able to serve anyone who go to their counters during office hours.

Mami : You sure ah?

Papi : Yalar, last time I read in the paper mah, they will serve everyone who comes during office hour.

I was wrong. When we reached there, there was already a crowd gathered at the lobby. I saw a sign "Those who are waiting to collect their MyKad, please wait at the lobby". When I walked in to the office, I understood why such a sign was necessary. Here we are, the spanking new Goverment's Administration Center, and the JPN MyKad application office is as big as my toilet!

In the office, it was like sardine can. There were a 2-3 manned counters, a few rows of chairs, and a place to 'solek menyolek'. There was a couple in front of us, wanted to apply as well. We were looking for the queue number dispensing machine, or the cheapskate DIY kotak with hand-written queue numbers on it. But being unable to move, I decided to ask a gentlemen sitting next to me. He was holding a queue ticket "550".

Papi : Bang, ambik nombor kat mane? (Yo, bro, where can I get the queue number?)

Bang : *mumble* dah habis. (There is no more.)

Papi : Ah? Dah habis? (Finished?)

Bang : Ya. Untuk hari ini dah habis. (Yes, all the numbers for today has been taken up.)

Papi : ....

In an instance, the couple in front of us left without saying a word. Then I saw an officer coming out from the counters.

Papi : Encik, pemohonan baru untuk MyKad? (Sir, MyKad application?)

Officer : Nombor hari ni dah habis, kene datang besok. (The queue number has finished for today, you have to come back tomorrow)

Papi : Ohhh...dah habis. (ohhh...already finished)

Officer : Ya, 8.30 dah habis. (yes, by 8.30am, it was all snapped up)

Papi : 8.30?!! berapa banyak nombor untuk satu hari? (8.30!! how many numbers were distributed?)

Officer : biasa 140, tapi hari ni kite keluar 160. (normally, 140, but today we gave out 160)

Papi : ohhh... tima kasih ya.. (Ohh...thanks)

We didn't get to apply for our MyKad. Well, no problem lar, still got a lot of time what! Next year only expired. kekeke...Malaysian mentality.

So next, we did what a typical Chinese would do....jalan jalan cari makan!! We went to Sri Petaling for Dim Sum!! Yam yam!!