Thursday, October 21, 2004

Corruption Perceptions Index

Malaysia ranks 39th among 146 countries, fell two spots from 37th among 133 countries last year. On a scale of 1 to 10, Malaysia scored 5.0, downed o.2 points from last year.

In The Star:
Graft index ranks Malaysia among ‘cleanest’ in Asia
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) rated by Transparency International (TI) for this year has slipped 0.2 points, but is still among the top five in Asia.


TI Malaysia president Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim said the slip was marginal and did not necessarily mean that there was increased corruption in the country, but was nevertheless a worrying trend.

Calling for more concrete action in fighting graft, he said it was obvious that negative perceptions “continue to dog us in a very fundamental way.”

Tunku Abdul Aziz said that although Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had introduced several measures to fight graft, Malaysia remained a “victim of perceptions” due to “a great deal of scepticism.”

The negative perceptions generated over the years would not be easily removed, he told a press conference, adding that there was a need to “go beyond cosmetic” and place substance above rhetoric in the fight against corruption.

Topping the CPI 2004 ranking is Finland, followed by New Zealand, while Denmark and Iceland share the third spot. The last spot is shared by Bangladesh and Haiti.

Malaysia among 'cleanest' in Asia? So now, although we scored a 5.0, it's still OK because we are the 'cleanest' among the 'dirtiest'?? Here's some of my experiences this year:

Traffic Experince 1 :

Latuk : Wah, manyak laju ah?

Papi : Ya ka, encik?

Latuk : Yalar..

Papi : Tolong lar, encik.

Latuk : Brapa?

Papi : 20 boleh ka? *open wallet with 50 notes and 10 notes (Mistake!!)*

Latuk : *saw my 50 notes* 50! Angkat lesen mali, taruk sama lesen...

Papi : *took out a 50 notes, and driving license, fold 50 notes and cover with license* nah, encik.

Latuk : OK *pretend to write on notebook, then hand the driving license over* nah, bawak kreta baik baik ah! *smile*

Papi : *whispering* KNN, TNMCH

Traffic Experince 2=

Latuk : Tadi bawak laju ah..

Papi : Mana ada encik, saya bawak biasa jugak..

Latuk : Saya pun nampak lu pakai itu handphone.

Papi : Tapi saya tada bawak handphone ini hari..

Latuk : Aiya, sudah mau hari raya lar, mau mintak sikit belanja lar...

Papi : Ah? .... brapa encik mau?

Latuk : Aiya, brapa pun boleh lar...

Papi : nah *hand over RM10*

Latuk : he heheh selamat hari raya ah!

Papi : TNMCH!!

Bandaraya =

Papi : Kita buat semua ikut plan punya.

Skinny : OK, biat saya check dulu.....

Papi : OK.

Skinny : *check around the house, holding house renovation plan* bagus..

Papi : yalar, semua kita ikut plan.

Skinny : *at the car porch* Eh? ini tembok mesti mau pecah!

Papi : Hah? apasal?

Skinny : Plan cakap mesti 40% ventilation, ini tembok tada 40%.

Papi : Apa?! Itu tembok atas semua kosong, itu more than 40% lar.

Skinny : Tarak, tarak!! Mesti mau pecah, kalau tak mau, saya tak mau sain.


PlanDrawer : Dia mintak settle lar.

Papi : Hah? Apa ni?! Saya sudah ikut plan mah.

PlanDrawer : Itu Skinny mintak RM150.

Papi : Aiyo!

PlanDrawer : Yalar, diaorang ini macam lar, dia tak mau sain.

Papi : Cheh!! *hand over Rm150*

Malaysia among cleanest in Asia? Yeah, right.