Monday, October 11, 2004


Yiyi went for her routine checkup last weekend. She also received her MMR immunisation jab. But her weight has gone down. :(

Weight: 7.8kg (Previous: 7.5kg)
Height: 75cm (Previous: 67.5cm)
Head Circumference: 46cm (Previous: 43cm)

The previous measurements were taken about 3 months ago. All her other measurements are OK and physically she looks healthy. But her weight has only increased 300 g for the past 3 months. Although her weight has not reach a critical level, but we are a bit concerned. The paediatrician recommended a full checkup, meaning to check her urine and her blood for any disease or illness. We are thinking of monitoring her for another month or so, before we decide to do a full checkup.

The problem is she has been staying away from her formula. At most she drank about 180ml and not very often too. Everytime, we have to pour away left over milk. Maybe she is bored with the taste. But we have no problem feeding her cereal or porridge. She also likes plain water very very much.

So now, she is 12 months old, we are switching to a new formula. Hopefully she likes the new taste (Vanilla) and would bring her weight up again.