Monday, October 04, 2004

Jeff lawan Jalan Riong

By now, you must have read the fiasco involving fellow blogger and our neighbour Jeff Ooi and Jalan Riong. Over the weekend, Berita Harian persecuted Screenshots over a 'remark' made, not by Jeff, but by a commentator using a pseudonym 'Anwar'.

Even before the story made front page of Berita Harian, Jeff has responded to the comment left by 'Anwar', sent him/her a warning email and even banned him/her from the commenting system, after 'Anwar' failed to respond.

Now the question:
If someone came to your house, made a very very bad remark, do you persecute the house owner or the one who made the comment? Someone even threatened suggested ISA.

This is very disturbing, because anyone can come into my blog, and made a damaging remark or comment, and soon I will be slapped with ISA or charged with instilling hatred!

Jeff, I am behind you on this, I don't see any reason why you should apologise. You did what you did and what you have to do. Like Sashi said, we saw this coming, and now it's here. Hang on, dude.