Wednesday, September 29, 2004


A colleague asked me to type a sentence, which he spoke out verbally, on a document I was working on.

Colleague : OK, you type ah. "Our proposal including the supply and install of ......" (he england veli power)

Papi : *type type type* "Our proposal includes the supply and installation of ....." (I corrected it while I typed it)

Colleague : Oh...installation. OK, good. Save and print out.

Papi : OK.

Then he went away to his office. Later he presented the same document to the GM. I was called in few minutes later, to ask me about few things. When I was in the meeting, i noticed that the document has been amended to read:
"Our proposal including the supply and install of ..."

Aik? He had corrected my 'correction'. And the funny thing was the GM re-commented on this and made his correction on the printout, it reads the same as what I amended when I made the correction.

Some people really don't know where they stand.....