Friday, September 24, 2004


Shh.....Office gossip.......

This morning, one of my colleague, Makcik, went to see the GM to complain. So what is she not happy about..?

You see, our company employed 2 new staff few months ago. Both are in the Accounts department. The first one, Petit, joined the company first, together with another guy. Then the guy left after 3 weeks, and Shy was employed to replace him.

Petit who joined first, has a lower qualification but has few years of experience with her. She catches up with the operations and matters in the Accounts department and soon she was handling it on her own. Shy, who joined much later, has a higher qualification, but she lacks experience, and being a late-comer, she has a lot of catching up to do. For this obvious reason, she was put under the supervision of Petit.

The company also employed a new Accounts Manager, let's call him XAM, to overlook the operation of the Accounts department. XAM also left, after 2 months on the job. I guess he couldn't handle the 'heat'.

But XAM has been calling the office and chit-chatting with Makcik, gossiping. One of the thing, I understand, is about Petit and Shy. XAM has been cucuk-ing Makcik to go to the management and complain that Shy should not be put under Petit because of their qualifications. So after days of cucuk, Makcik went to see the GM this morning. And it was quite an argument, I can hear the quarrel in my cubicle!

Let me give you my two cents worth. It doesn't work that way. If we have to rank staff based on their qualifications, then my director, who only has a certificate, will come under my supervision and I will be chaffeur-driven in the company Mercs (how I wish...he hehe ). Qualifications are used when employing a staff. After employment, it goes by performance and skills. You don't downgrade a person, only because a fresh graduate with a Master degree just joined the company.

And one thing I don't understand also. This Makcik has nothing to do and has no authority over the Accounts Department. Why is she so 'kaypo' and trying to 'fight for the rights' of Shy?? Any hidden agenda? Does the GM know about the invisible hand that cucuk Makcik??

haii..... office politics *sigh*

cucuk: Malay meaning to poke.
kaypo: Hokkien meaning busy body.