Friday, September 17, 2004

Moon Cake Festival

Being the good son that I am, and the good daughter-in-law that Mami is, we went to buy mooncakes for our families.

Nowadays, there are so many varieties out there. The traditional lotus paste, red bean, 'kam thui', and the modern icy skin, dragon fruit, spirulina, choccolate, belacan..... And they are selling it everywhere. In restaurant, pasar malam, hypermarket, order online, telephone booking, bakery shop, even at residential home.

My family is not really into mooncakes, except my mother. She is into anything sweet. And at her age, that is not a good thing. But since it's a once-a-year celebration, we normally get a box or two for her. Her favourite is the lotus paste with double yolk.

Today, we went to one of the hypermarket to get her a KLT mooncake. KLT?? What happen to Kam LanLun Tai? Did they change their name? Maybe because of all those jokes about their name, they decided to use only the abbreviation of their name.

Oh my! The price has also increase!! The year before last year, we bought it for around RM7.50 per piece. Last year it was around RM8.50. Now, RM9.80! At this rate (RM1 increase each year), by the year 2020, a Lotus Paste with Double Yolk would cost RM25.80 per piece!! Fuiyo!

Oh..well, like I said, only once a year...

kam thui: Cantonese. A type of mooncake with assorted fruits and nuts, with a slight sesame seed taste.
belacan: Malay meaning shrimp paste (but no, this is not a type mooncake, but who knows, with all the funny funny ingredient they are coming up for mooncakes, maybe one day)