Tuesday, September 14, 2004


For the past few days, the radio station, Light&Easy, has been having a contest called Crack-The-Code. The first 3 callers who called after the que to call was played on the radio will get a chance to give their 4 digits code. A mystery guy will then tell you whether the code is valid or not, and how many numbers you got correct. The last winner won herself RM15,ooo!! That's a lot of money!!

The last time I got so close in winning big money was a few years back when was having The Fugitive contest. The game is quite simple, everyday, for 3 weeks or so, the fugitive will be released somewhere in Malaysia (mostly in Klang Valley). He/she willl be hiding, performing some activities, and blend in, so that no one would catch him. Every now and then, the radio station will give out clues of where he is. Also there will also be interviews with people/previous winners who have met the fugitive to give out clues on how he/she looks like. And when you find the fugitive, you have to ask him THE question "Are you the fugitive?", and you will win loads of cash!

So one day, I was driving in Damansara, when I heard the clue "Bamboo". Straight away, I thought of Sungai Buloh Rest & Relax area on the NKVE, which is a short drive from Damansara. I arrived there few minutes later, and the place was basically very quiet, almost deserted, I was the only one there looking for the fugitive. But I was sure the fugitive was there and was determined to find him. So I looked everywhere,... well almost everywhere. I looked in the shops, restaurants, toilets (male toilet of course), in the park, in the parking lot. After searching for an hour or so, I went back to my car to listen to more clues, or to find out maybe he was already caught by someone. The next clue came as "Relax". Now, I was 101% sure he was in Sungai Buloh R&R. Within minutes, the area was swarmed by hundreds of people looking for the fugitive and asking the THE question. I was even asked by a few people. In the end, no one caught the fugitive in Sungai Buloh. Later I found out he was actually in the Bilik Mandi, the only place I didn't look. Aiya!! I could have been RM8000 richer!!

But it was really good fun and entertaining and a nail-biting experience as well. Asking a total stranger the question is really awkward and uncomfortable. But for RM8000, I don't mind...he hehe...