Monday, September 06, 2004

Ant Attack Part 3

What a weekend!! It was a tiring and hectic weekend for both Mami and I.

Because of termites, we engaged pest control services. After a few quotations and a couple of visits from pest control company as well as some research, we chose a company that provides us with a 3 years warranty. The others only provide 1 year warranty. We also opted for the drilling method. According to the sales person, if you don't mind the drilling, it is the better option. And cheaper too.

So, as agreed, they came on Saturday morning to do the job. 2 guys came with the sales person, and after some briefing by us and by the sales person, they started work. First, the drilling. They drilled 10-cents-sized holes of 1 and 1/2 feet deep around the parameter of the house/building. They only need to drill one side of the wall, as the chemical (pesticides) will seap into the ground and spread. We asked them to drill inside the house because most of the holes will be covered and hidden by furnitures. In just 1 and 1/2 hours, they were done drilling.

Next was to pump the pesticides into the ground, through the holes they made. For this, they have to wait for the motor pump from another team doing another job nearby. But unfortunately, I was told that the other team had drilled into the piping system of the other house, so they were going to be late with the motor pump. *sigh*

So we waited till late afternoon before the motor pump was available. The 2 guys quickly setup the whole thing, the pump, extra-extra long rubber hose, a big barrel (for the pesticides, mixed with water), and a long pipe that they sticked it into the hole to spray the pesticides into the ground. When done, they covered the holes using white cement and plasters, and tried to match the colour with your tiles/mosaic. Other than that, they also gone up the ...err...attic (?? the area between the ceiling and the roof) and sprayed around the area.

Before they go, they issued a certificate to us to certify that our house has been treated, which also serves as a warranty certificate. All in all, it was a job well done.