Friday, August 27, 2004

The Race

I got this in my mail box today. Which really, really hit us right smack on the head!

Once upon a time, there was a Malaysian Rowing Team. To prove that Malaysia Boleh, there will be an annual rowing competition against the Japanese Rowing Team. It was agreed that each team to be made up of 8 men.

After months of intensive training, the race began.....

.......and the Japanese won by .......... 1 km.

Malaysians were furious by the teams dismal performance. The top management decided to win the race next year at any costs. So they established a team of analysts to observe the situation and recommend an appropriate solution.

After several detailed analysis and investigation, the team of analysts found that the Japanaese had 7 rowers and 1 captain.

Of course the Malaysian team had 7 captains and ........... only 1 rower.

Facing such a critical scenario, the management team showed an unexpected wisdom: they hired a consulting company to resstructure the Malaysian team.

After several months, the consultants came up with the conclusion that there were too many captains and too few rowers in the Malaysian team. A solution was proposed on this briliant analysis. THE STRUCTURE OF THIS TEAM MUST CHANGED !!!

As of today, there will only be 4 captains in the team, led by 2 managers and 1 top-manager, and one rower. Besides this, they suggested to improve the rower's working environment and to give him higher competencies.

Next year the Japanese Rowing Team won by 2 km.

The Malaysian team immediately displaced the rower from the team based on his unsatisfactory performance.

But the bonus award was paid to the management for the excellent motivation the team had shown during the preparation phase.

The consulting company further prepared a new analysis, which showed that the strategy was good, the motivation satisfactory, but the used tool had to be improved.

Currently the Malaysian team is designing a new boat.

Malaysia mana Boleh!!