Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Pratical Joke on Airport

I got this in my mail box today and it was damn funny! But I couldn't find a place to upload it *sigh*. So I did some searching (googling?) and found the joke on the net.

Apparently, two guys pulled this one on London's Heathrow Airport. They wrote down some strange names on a piece of paper, and pretended to be looking for these people. They asked the airport Information Centre to page for these people on the Public Announcement system.
Then one of the guy would hang out beneath the PA speakers and recorded the announcement.

In order to make it as believable as possible, they dressed up as chauffeurs, pretending to be looking for these people, and normally about 40 minutes after a Thai Airways or Air India flight had landed. They acted as if they could not pronounce the names themselves, so as not to reveal the joke, but just handed over a note with the names printed on it and asked the employee at the Information Center to page for them.

After the fifth announcement, they had to leave Heathrow as airport security kinda figured out what was going on. The last recording was done in Gatwick Airport.

My favourite? The first one and the fifth one.