Friday, August 20, 2004

Bird Flu Outbreak

In a northern state .....

Reporter : Sir, so now the H5 virus has spread to Malaysia?

Agro hotshot : Yes, we believe that it is the N1 strain. Of the 103 ayam kampung bred by the villagers, only two have been infected.

Reporter : So, what actions have been taken to curb this?

Agro hotshot : We have decided to cull all the chicken today. Semua sekali. But to ensure that we really curb the virus, we will cull everything, chicken, duck, bird, everything.

Reporter : Everything?

Agro hotshot : Yes, everything. *eyeing the kuli transporting the birds and shout* HOI! itu itik jangan masuk lori, itu masuk saya mya kereta lar! Aiya.

Reporter : how long is required to curb this outbreak?

Agro hotshot : Three weeks. All are people are ready. Three weeks.

Reporter : How about the report that our neighbours will ban the import of our chicken?

Agro hotshot : This is an isolated case. We have nothing to hide. Anyone who wants to report to ACA or the police can come and check. We are not stopping anyone, our doors are always open. They can come and take the documents and after that, we will just stop all our work.

Reporter : A few people has been quarantined as well?

Agro hotshot : Yes, just a safety measure. These people have not been changing their sarong since 1998. We are worry for them. We advise all people to change their underpants frequently to prevent your bird from getting the flu.
*eyeing the kuli again*
HOI! brapa kali mau cakap? itu itik masuk saya mya kereta sana!!