Tuesday, August 17, 2004

World Record?

This is very confusing. I read in Jeff Ooi's Screenshot that our swimmer Alex Lim has broken the world record for Men's 100m backstroke.

Sure enough, if you follow the link you will get to this information in Yahoo Olympic website.

But how can you break a world record, and not win a gold medal?? hmmm...actually it is possible. He did great in the heats but failed in the semi finals.

If I remembered correctly (and confirmed by news report in The Star), Alex has failed to qualify for the 100m backstroke final, clocking 56.08 secs. His national record is 54.77 secs. His best time in the heats was 55.22 secs.

Maybe Yahoo made a mistake. But I am still hopeful, a Malaysian swimmer broke the world record, yea!. Doesn't matter he didn't win the gold medal.

Azalina : Ya ke? Diorang tak cakap pun, tak bagi tau pun. Bila tu?